Mrs India Pacific 2018 First Runner Up Classic & The Best Smile Abha Jain

How has your family reacted to your winning Mrs India Pacific 1st Runner up & Best Smile?

As I won the crowns first my 11 years daughter & younger sister came running towards me behind the stage as they were present there. My daughter hugged me & kissed me with pride as she was the one who was with me throughout this journey as a mentor, fitness coach, my dress designer, my choreographer, my groomer bla bla. She motivated me & helped me in all aspects.
I put my crown on her head & told, “some credit goes to you my sweetheart”. They were truly happy for me. Then i called my hubby & son as they were in Hyderabad. They congratulated me with the true happiness by their heart. The happiest person after my daughter was my mom & my two sisters who prayed for me & was quite confident about my crown as they all told me before the finale that I was surely going to win it.

Mrs India PacificOther than your mother, who do you think is the most beautiful woman in the world?

All women are born beautiful in my eyes whether she is my mother or me or anyone else, as they all have a beautiful heart inside. God has filled their soul with some unique qualities like sacrifice, affection, care, love, mercy, emotions & forgiveness.
I personally feel that inner beauty is more important than outer beauty. If someone is beautiful inside, then that divine power reflects on their face & on their personality which makes them beautiful from outside. But outer beauty is equally important to boost any woman’s confidence & to make them feel special in everyone’s eyes.
As beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder so there is not any specific thing on which we can say that specific woman is beautiful as God made all of us unique & different with different talent & qualities. As woman teach a man what is sharing, caring & loving about whether she is a mother, daughter, sister or wife. So their beautiful qualities make them all beautiful.

Some people think beauty pageants are shallow parades of beauty. What do you have to say to them?

In my view beauty pageants are not shallow parade if it is organized in a fair manner & transparent way. As these pageants provide a girl or woman a wonderful platform to showcase their hidden or visible talent for which they don’t get time & opportunity to redefine or showcase to the world. Only beauty is not judged here but how much intellectual you are & what is your true personality that comes out through these pageants & give chance to work for any social cause as a celebrity.

Where did that first thought about entering the pageant come from?

Since my childhood I wanted to be in the beauty pageant but didn’t get chance for some reasons & circumstances. As I love modelling & photography and i am a multitalented personality by god’s grace so use to post my work in FB. One of my friend used to see & like my singing, Writing, dancing & acting videos, drawings and pictures posted by me on FB & when she got to know about Mrs. India pacific pageant she found me the complete package for it to participate & suggested me if i wish to participate. So I just grabbed the opportunity by taking my husband’s permission.

Mrs India PacificMrs India Pacific 2018 First Runner Up Classic & The Best Smile Abha Jain

Was there anything you watched or read throughout the entire journey to keep you company and to motivate you?

Yes, i used to read success stories of previous winners of different beauty pageant & used to watch videos about their style of presentation , their way of walk on ramp, their communication skills & other qualities from which I learnt a lot & it helped me to motivate myself, boost my confidence & improve my flaws.

What incident in your life made you realize about your passion in pageantry? Who assured you that beauty pageants are totally your cup of tea?

There was not any incident as such but yeah my journey is really interesting, inspiring & motivating till this pageant. And I would like to share with you all this to motivate others as how I chase my dream & never gave up in front of all sorts of hurdles, how I worked hard to achieve my goal & how much positivity I filled in myself.
I was passionate about it since I started understanding what are the beauty pageants all about. As I have been a multitalented, intelligent ,smart & fashionable girl & used to dance, sing, act & walk on ramp in different occasions where ever i got chance since my childhood & never stopped till now so glamour world always attracted me towards it.

After completing my B.Sc. i started working in Jaipur doordarshan as an anchor which also increased my interest towards makeup & fashion world. Simultaneously I completed my M.A. & B.Ed. degrees & got selected for 3 state & central govt teacher jobs after my marriage. But due to my husband’s transferable Job in IT Industry I couldn’t join. Then i worked as a back office manager in Rohtak University distance learning Gurgaon office. But i was not at all satisfied for these kind of jobs in other sectors apart from fashion world.
Later I got chance to work in ETV Rajasthan as an anchor & news reader as I was interested in that But due to husbands job again I had to leave it.

Mrs India PacificMrs India Pacific 2018 First Runner Up Classic & The Best Smile Abha Jain

When i was with my family in USA I joined Multicultural Advisory Committee a joint venture of Hopkins police department as a social worker & representing India & also participated & performed singing in Raspberry festival in Minneapolis Hopkins which was organised by human rights commission USA .
After coming back from USA I started working as an entrepreneur. I started making homemade chocolates , cupcakes & cookies & was supplying in Mumbai market along with it I was taking tuitions but that was not my passion I was still looking for the opportunity.

Then we had to move to Pune there I again changed my profession & joined classes for certification in cosmetology from VLCC institute for skin, makeup & hair & after that I joined Jawed Habib institute for advanced hair cuts ,hair care & chemical treatments of hair. Simultaneously I did different certifications from matrix, Chery’s, lotus professional, brillair science & in HD makeup Along with it i did my skin aesthetician certification.
Somehow again cosmetology as a profession brought closer to the fashion world. Successfully Running my cosmetology centre in Pune & Simultaneously I was taking dance classes as a choreographer & participating in society events.

Mrs India PacificThen again we had to shift from Pune to Hyderabad due to my husband’s job. Then I started concentrating on myself as here I was getting so much time as my Salon was not setup professionally here & running my centre from home only. as I became over weight during my pregnancies & post pregnancies & couldn’t loose weight even after trying so many things for long time. so I started an online healthy diet programme which was suggested by my friend along with exercise routine. With hardworking & consistency I achieved my goal just before entering my pageant. I shed 18 kgs in 9 months.
when I came in shape I started thinking again about my dream project & registered for that so yeah this journey assured me that beauty pageants are totally my cup of tea.

mrs india worldWhat does fashion mean to you?

For me fashion is to carry yourself in such a way which shows your style along with your creativity to carry differently with others in a unique & graceful way.

In your opinion which is the one dress that can never go out of fashion?

Definitely saree which is tied in a stylish way with any stylish top or blouse.

What beauty/fitness regime would you suggest for our readers?

First thing i would like to tell all women that love yourself & be happy , you are born beautiful just need a transformation & makeover to maximise & enhance your beauty. As being a cosmetologist I would recommend for that u just need three simple things use a good facewash according your skin type, then apply a good face moisturiser according your skin type & then apply SPF 30 or above half an hour before going out. Your skin will be always healthy & flawless.
For fitness i would like to say no need to starve yourself , listen your body’s demand & work accordingly take healthy balance diet along with lots of water, green veggies & fruits in some intervals & workout daily at least for half an hour in your own comfort style whether it is a walk ,yoga , aerobics, dancing , body wait or any other form & Definitely 8 hrs of sleep. That will make you healthy ,fit & beautiful forever.

mrs india 2018Are you an evening gown or saree kind of girl?

Not at all, I love to wear all kind of outfits whether it is an Indian style or western but according the occasion & place I choose them.

What is your favourite place to travel?

Kashmir & Goa in India and Paris & Switzerland in Europe

What is your all-time favourite movie and why?

As such there is not one but some are definitely my favourites which I love to watch for their different kind of scripts ,some motivates me , some just entertain me & some brings out my emotions. But I still prefer my favourite actor Salman & Amir’s movies as well as Sridevi my all time fav actress’s movies.

mrs india worldwideMrs India Pacific 2018 First Runner Up Classic & The Best Smile Abha Jain

Which do you prefer, Heels or Sneakers?

It completely depends on event, place & occasion. I wear both accordingly.

Who is your favourite fashion designer?

If I want to talk about any celebrity designer then he is only the one , Manish Malhotra otherwise usually I & my daughter design my dresses .

Describe your sense of style in 3 words.

Stylish, Unique & graceful.

mrs india 2019What is that favourite accessory that you cannot leave the house without?

Matching earrings

Apart from fashion, what other things do you have great interest in?

As I am a multi talented personality by birth & I truly passionate about all my talents as singing, dancing, acting, modelling, writing, drawing & painting. Apart from that i love swimming & in sports table tennis the most. I have interest in cooking & baking as well but it completely depends on my mood.

What is your future plans & any message which you want to give to our readers?

As I took this pageant as a strong Pillar to work for underprivileged children, to empower women & girls so I have some plans for that. As I used to work for them for so many years & still I am connected with some NGO’s, Orphanage trusts & old age homes. Where I want to spread smile on their faces by any form whether it is financial or physical or mental help as it spreads smile on my face as well. I find peace & true happiness among them. I have recently started my series of small thoughts “Visualize the reality” on Your Quote in that I am trying to spread awareness & want to make people visualize the pain of the reality about the day to day life problems of those poor & needy people which we hear & see but still ignore. But I believe that a writer’s pen can bring a big change in the world. When people read in silence they think about it & if I could change a single person’s thought then it will be a great achievement for me.
My message to all is
“Being selfless & helping needy ones is key to true happiness so feel their pain & work accordingly”
& ” if you want to achieve anything in your life then be positive & consistent, work hard passionately , do what you love to do, & never give up in between then no one can stop you to reach on the place where you want to go.” Thank you

Where can we follow you?

INSTAGRAM – Abhaisunique
Facebook – mrsindiapacific20181strunnerup


 Abha Jain, thank you so much for this lovely interview.

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