Latest Interview With Mrs India Karnataka Body Beautiful Archana Kapoor Nagpal

How has your family reacted to your winning Mrs India Karnataka Body Beautiful?
My family was immensely happy to see me crowned as Mrs India Karnataka Runner Up 2018, and Mrs India Karnataka Body Beautiful 2018. To be honest – they have seen my journey as a fitness freak who loves to workout 4 hours a day, and follow a healthy diet hence it was a moment of proud for them as much as for me. It was like their daughter has a crown and sash to her wall of fame that so far had only medals and certificates.

Other than your mother, who do you think is the most beautiful woman in the world?
For me beauty is defined as how beautiful you are from inside. I am moved by people who are human at heart, and believe in ‘giving than taking’. The most beautiful woman in the world for me is Mother Teresa. I am deeply inspired by Mother Teresa, an epitome of selfless love and immense kindness. A quote by her reminds me of the strength of ‘US’ over ‘I’ and it inspires me to be more connected to my roots and my people.
I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.” – Mother Teresa

Body Beautiful Some people think beauty pageants are shallow parades of beauty. What do you have to say to them?
Every individual has the right to have an opinion. But too an extent people get too opinionated about beauty pageants – assuming it is more to do with one’s physical appearance. In reality, it is not a fact. Beauty pageants in specific to Mrs India by our Director Deepali Phadnis, and Mrs India Karnataka by our Regional Director Pratibha Saunshimath are well designed platforms to judge every contestant on different parameters – ‘talent to fitness’, ‘beauty to intellectuality’ and being crowned for a cause. Being part of such a platform certainly makes me deny the opinion that beauty pageants are shallow parades of beauty.

Mrs India Karnataka Body Beautiful Archana Kapoor Nagpal

Where did that first thought about entering the pageant come from?
It has been an amazing journey that started with a ‘selfie queen’ contest held in 2017 under the umbrella of ‘Mrs India Karnataka’ by our Director, Pratibha Saunshimath who is Hosting Mrs India Karnataka successfully from 2015. She is former Classic Mrs India 2015 winner who represented India at Mrs Asia International 2015. Out of some 100 entries – two winners were announced that included me as one of them. As a winning prize I got a place as a finalist and from there I never looked back. So it started with no plan to a vigorous training for Mrs India as a finalist scheduled in Chennai in July 2018.

Was there anything you watched or read throughout the entire journey to keep you company and to motivate you?
To be honest, I do not plan or do any homework ever for any competition or contest. As a prolific writer for a decade with so many credentials in my kitty so far – I prefer to take the challenge as it comes. But the best teacher to keep me motivated is my belief that ‘my competition is with myself only’. It is to give my best for myself, and take my learning curve in the right direction. I always concentrate on my path rather than getting distracted by watching others.

body beautiful

Mrs India Karnataka Body Beautiful Archana Kapoor Nagpal

What incident in your life made you realize about your passion in pageantry? Who assured you that beauty pageants are totally your cup of tea?
There was no incident in my life that made me realize my passion in pageantry. I am a veteran writer and an artist for decades. I used to do photoshoots for entrepreneur designers but never thought of being a part of pageants until I won the ‘Selfie queen Contest’ by Mrs India Karnataka in 2017.
When I take up a task I give my heart and soul to it. I believe it is your hard work that assures your commitment to any task such as a beauty pageant here.

What does fashion mean to you?
In 2016, a US firm picked my artwork to deboss on their apparels. The first thought that came to my mind was that my artwork should cater to clothing for every woman from a working woman to a proud homemaker. So, when it comes to me as a person, I prefer to be comfortable in my own skin, and that’s the whole idea of being a fashionista.
Just wear what you can carry well, and be comfortable in your skin. Follow the fashion but not at the cost of your comfort. Look respectable whatever you wear. At the end – wear your attitude!

body beautifulIn your opinion which is the one dress that can never go out of fashion?
Blue Denims with a white shirt is one such dress that can never go out of fashion. And, it is one of my favourite combinations as well!

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What beauty/fitness regime would you suggest for our readers?
Beauty is when you are fit from within. Fitness is when you are healthy from within. It is not about being skinny or on the other side of the scale but managing your weight as per your height – with intake of appropriate nutritional diet. I have come across people who start their day with two glasses of water with honey or by white eggs et al. I believe in simple fact – Eat Right, Don’t Diet. Drink enough fluids like fresh fruit juices, homemade soups, and vegetables over meat. Stay away from preservatives and too much of junk food items – preferable freshly cooked meals. I condemn alcohol and smoking!
Walk regularly or swim for an hour – to compensate your cardio. For me I am an ardent swimmer for more than 14 years who swim 2000 mts daily with 2 hours of other cardio combined with light weight training. Since I practice Kathak and Belly dancing – it keeps me fit and happy.
At the end happiness is the key to look beautiful and fit. I am blessed with positive attitude so it keeps me going!

Are you an evening gown or saree kind of girl?
I am born in Egypt and brought up in six different countries of the world. Though Saree attracts me a lot but I prefer an evening gown over a saree as I think I carry it better than a saree. I am definitely ‘an evening gown girl’.

body beautifulWhere is your favorite place to travel?
New York as my family stays there so it is like my second home.

Exclusive Interview With Archana Kapoor Nagpal

What is your all-time favorite movie and why?
Eat Pray and Love based on the book written by Elizabeth Gilbert, as it is about a woman who explores her life in her visit to three different countries. This book is one of my favorite books – hence I can watch the movie more than once.

Which do you prefer, Heels or Sneakers?
I prefer comfort over fashion – so sneakers rule my wardrobe. But I have a passion of shopping heels as and when I travel. My wardrobe has all the brands of towering heels from different countries yet you will see me in sneakers.

indian high heelsWho is your favorite fashion designer?
Michael Kors, I love everything that comes tagged as MK!

Describe your sense of style in 3 words.
Comfort, Elegance & Attitude

What is that favorite accessory that you cannot leave the house without?
My very first solitaire ring is one accessory that I cannot leave the house without. Though I believe – ‘diamond is nothing but a stone that can handle pressures very high’. But the fact is ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’.

body beautifulApart from fashion, what other things do you have great interest in?
Being a writer since the age of 17. I was honoured an ‘Honourable Mention’ by Hindi Sahithya Academy at the age of 17 – and from there started my journey as a writer. I have been a corporate slave for years until I chose to write as a full time profession and is proud to be an internationally published author of four books.
I often participates in writing contests, and my pieces of work are now part of 13 international anthologies – and am published in more than 100 journals. I have been a columnist for Friday Gurgaon for 2012-2014 with 30+ write-ups in my bucket of writing. I took up the role of an editor with Author’s United in 2013 – a publishing unit based in Pakistan. Since its inception in 2013 – I have edited six anthologies for Author’s United. When I am not writing I love to paint, and I have my own label of art by the name of Kala Sutra.

Where can we follow you?
Facebook, Instagram and Amazon. I have google pages dedicated to my writing as a writer, columnist and artist!




Archana Kapoor Nagpal, thank you so much for this lovely interview.

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