Interview with Sukhpreet Kaur Chawla Miss United Nation International India 2017

Gorgeous, honest and extremely talented are the few words that describe Sukhpreet Kaur Chawla, MISS UNITED NATION INTERNATIONAL 2017, winner. This stunning beauty queen from India not only won the coveted crown but conquered hearts as well. Her honesty and positivity is pretty impressive. In a candid conversation with us, Sukhpreet talks about her journey, her preparation for the and lots more.


Hello Sukhpreet, thank you for taking the time to Interview with us. Tell us about your title:

Hello, Its miss united nation international 2017-where I represented India. It’s a beauty pageant “beauty with purpose”.

How are you feeling right now? Has the feeling sunk in that you won such a major event?

It’s been almost months since have won the title “MISS UNITED NATION INTERNATIONAL-2017-INDIA”.its a lifetime memory..I had the lovely homecoming after the pageant to odisha. By now, yes it has definitely sunk in. Initially when I got the title I could not believe it and suddenly I realized it’s a dream come true…The kind of respect response I have got from my family, friends relatives my town people the leaders is something I never imagined I would get. Best thing my parents and family was on cloud nine they were so happy and filled with pride. If it wasn’t for their love and support, it would be very difficult for me to reach here

Where did that first thought about entering the pageant come from?

Umm. Professionally I am a fashion designer I was doing my internship in Bangalore with SOUCIKA. After completing my internship, I got a call for HELER MISS KARANATAKA 2016 where I was in top 5 but I din lose any hope and the hopes of getting into pageants was on then I later got to know about MISS GLAM INDIA 2016 in Bangalore where I was representing my state-ODISHA and again I was in top 10. The show said only top 7 will represent country internationally again I was kind of sad sitting at backstage but I was strong enough to face the situation but then suddenly get a call from national director of Miss United Nation International pageant, announcing my name on stage and I could believe it was me selected for an international pageant t being in top 7.that feeling was awesome.I remember when I was in class 4 I had participated in *Nanhipari-Little miss India-2004* that was when I knew that we do have beauty pageants and platform as such existed. Although I never followed any beauty pageant nor any training and grooming. It was something that I personally wanted to do and I went ahead!

Interview with Sukhpreet Kaur Chawla Miss United Nation

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Do you think the pageant world is accurately portrayed in the media? What are some ups and downs you’ve experience in Miss United Nation International?

not exactly but yes somewhere or the other I had problems as it was difficult to manage job and pageant together and I was living with my sister in Bangalore independently but then to achieve success is not an easy job, when you have a vision the target in life is just a pebble throw away. Nothing is impossible if you really work hard. And I really had the support of my parents my brother in every way and of course the leaders of odisha they wanted me to go up and achieve so that I inspire the young generation of the place to come up with flying colours.

Was there anything you watched or read throughout the entire journey to keep you company and to motivate you?

To be honest, I am not a person who reads a lot or watch movies but the only thing I believe in is *KARMA* It works on the principle *WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND**be good…the best things will come your way* This is something I’ve followed and I think it has motivated and played in getting me where I am today

What incident in your life made you realize about your passion in pageantry? Who assured you that beauty pageants are totally your cup of tea?

My father is my idol he always had let me self independent and always taught me to believe in myself and be strong to face every situation in life boldly so I knew nothing is impossible. And coming onto beauty pageants my sister jagpreet kaur who is an engineer by profession has always believed in me and always supported me to at least participate and not to worry about the results

sukhpreet kaur chawla

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Who is your source of inspiration and how has he/she helped you to evolve as a beauty queen?

In a way m fulfilling my sisters dream about competing in beauty pageants she always had interest in the pageant world  whereas I was a studious girl *haha* but then she ended up being an engineer and I ended up being a fashion designer as well a model, so she guides me well all throughout

When you are not competing or working, what are some of the things you like to do?
Explore places in short travelling, shopping end up meeting friends spend good time with them and of course sleeping *laughs*

What does fashion mean to you?

Being a fashion designer, I think fashion is all about creativity, an expression where you express yourself who you are and one must dress whatever he or she is comfortable in cos that really boosts your confidence everywhere

Interview with Sukhpreet Kaur Chawla Miss United Nation

If you weren’t a model, what would you want to do?

If I wasn’t a model, of course being a fashion designing student it has to be a fashion designer

You’ve been active in the field of design for some time, have you noticed an evolution?

Time changes taste changes and so are the demands so of course yes.

Do you think there was a crucial turning point in your career as a designer?
A gloomy night in march 2014,Bangalore while struggling with accounts book and a cup of coffee, midnight, during my second semester  for the college exam, I suddenly realized “Ohh sugar is missing in my coffee and life as well: so tasteless….after 2 nights of sleeplessness I FINALLY ENDED up with piece of cloth and a pair of scissor, although that was a very quick decision of life but my parents supported me and my decision as always and I landed up in Kolkata for pursuing my bachelors in designing

Interview with Sukhpreet Kaur Chawla Miss United Nation International India


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Interview with Sukhpreet Kaur Chawla Miss United Nation

Who or what inspires you as a fashion designer?

For as long as I remember, I always knew I wanted to do my own thing. I was always interested in dressing well styling myself and my mom *haha*. For me designing arise as a mid night though nothing was planned on my end. But then I think I have taken the wisest decision ever as designing is all about creativity and creativity is a forever thing anytime anywhere

How would you define your style?

Styling is something which comes from within you. I am a very practical human being in life I style myself according to the occasions and environment around. I preferably love *INDIAN clothing*.

sukhpreet kaur chawla

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Your biggest talent?

Biggest talent: good at expressing on paper, so basically writing.

In your opinion which is the one dress that can never go out of fashion?

Little black dress

What beauty/fitness regime would you suggest for our readers?

okay when it comes to beauty I just believe in *a person must be beautiful by heart not only by looks* because at last that’s what going to be with you forever your inner beauty outer beauty will gradually fade with time. ummm fitness..I just make sure I have a proper diet and exercise well because that what makes you fit and healthy..*all work and no play makes jack a dull boy* the phrase absolutely goes on well!!

Interview with Sukhpreet Kaur Chawla Miss United Nation

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Where is your favorite place to travel?

The last place I visited was Mumbai. I adored the shrines, weather, buildings and of course the locals. The food was delicious but what intriguing was the richness and uniqueness of the different culture and I am surely looking forward to travel Paris and Milan in the near future as it’s a fashion hub *laughs* maybe very soon.

What is your all time favorite movie and why?

I am not a person who watch quite a lot of movies I jump on to movies which are really motivational, inspirational and positive.(CHAK DE INDIA, NEERJA, PINK, MS DHONI, SACHIN) are few of the movies in my recent times.

What message would you like to give to your fans reading this interview?

First of all, my deepest gratitude to all my friends and fans for being a pillar of strength and supporting me in the entire journey and that’s what gradually boosts your confidence level and always remember”No dream is too big to achieve, if you’re highly determined and no place is too small to start or take any step in life. Amazing things happen when you start believing in yourself”
People do often tell me you’re lucky to have achieved so much at a tender age of 22, but I don’t believe in luck rather I believe in making my own! People don’t just get lucky it might seem like that but the people you look at and think that they have everything its probably because they have so worked hard for it. I believe in “you’re successful enough when you help others to achieve success as well.”
Be a good human first now and always!

sukhpreet kaur chawla

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