Interview with Fashion Blogger Nidhi Agarwal

An elegant fashion and lifestyle blogger who loves experimenting keeping in mind the magic word, comfort. She absolutely loves effortless style! Presenting to you an interview with Nidhi Aggarwal, an amazing fashion blogger.

Hi Nidhi, could you start by telling us a bit about yourself?

Hello, I’m Nidhi Agarwal. A management graduate and now pursuing Fashion designing. I’m a type of person who loves speaking my heart out, so either it’s good or bad I want people to know my thoughts.

Where are you based?


Are you a full time fashion blogger?

No. I’m studying fashion designing hand in hand.

Interview with Fashion Blogger Nidhi Agarwal

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When & How did you get into Fashion blogging? 

In December 2015. I went for an interview of my sister, the interviewer asked me what am I doing and do I have anything such so that he could take my interview.I denied ! So while coming back at home my sister gave me an idea of why not give it a try to fashion blogging, that’s how I started.

What is the inspiration behind your sense of style?

I always keep in mind that anything I style should be super comfortable and classy. Those beautiful light weighted designs which look so elegant when you Carry them well is what I love.

What Has Been The Hardest Thing About Styling?

Once I get obsessed with one thing,I feel like adding that to every outfit. Like my silver Zara shoes, I got so obsessed with them that I felt like wearing them along with every outfit.

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What Has Been The Best Thing About Styling?

Choices! The best thing is that I have so many choices among which I select and style in such a way which depicts my mood.

If you could have a celebrity best friend, who would it be?

Priyanka Chopra, She’s an inspiration.
{I also can’t resist without writing alia bhatt she’s fun-loving}

Which do you prefer, Heels or Sneakers?

Sneakers, My first love.
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Interview with fashion Blogger Nidhi Agarwal

Who is your favorite fashion designer? 

I take inspiration from many, some of them are shyamal bhumika masaba Gupta.

What brands do you currently work with? 

I have yet collaborated with more than 100+ brands. Some of them includes denial Wellington, stalk buy love, bewakoof.comGionee India, Taylons D’or, Truffle Collection, Paperboat, Max Fashions etc.

Interview with fashion Blogger Nidhi Agarwal

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Describe your sense of style in 3 words. 

Classy, comfortable & Royal.

What is that favorite accessory that you cannot leave the house without? 

My wrist watch

Apart from fashion, what other things do you have great interest in?

Dancing, Cooking and Philosophy.

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Do you have a personal website?


Any future plans for you in the world of fashion?

Yes. I am doing fashion designing and wan to be the best fashion designer of fashion industry where people will recognise me by my work.

Where can we follow you? 

Instagram –

Facebook –

Twitter –

Roposo –

YouTube –

Nidhi Aggarwal, thank you so much for this interview.

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