Interview with Fashion and Beauty Blogger Sandhya Rao

This week we had the pleasure of interviewing Sandhya Rao, an India fashion & Lifestyle blogger.

Tell us a little about yourself?  

I am a Libran and I am an extrovert. I am a dog lover. I have been a keen follower of fashion trends since my childhood. I Love all things related to fashion, beauty and cooking and my life revolves around these. Oh yeah, I am a foodie as well.

How did you get into Blogging?

I have grown up reading a lot of fashion magazines and watching fashion programs in TV. I have been following channels and blogs related to fashion and beauty in YouTube and other online sources. I was always curious about blogging and was very much interested to do the same. Being a fashion enthusiast, I thought blogging about my ideas will definitely teach me a lot more and provide me a platform to collate my thoughts.

 What surprises you most about Blogging?

The fact that you can break the rules and make your own rules, start a trend and see young girls follow your style really surprises me.

Interview with Fashion and Beauty Blogger

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What is the toughest part of your job?

Putting in ideas that are creative and innovative on a daily basis is a challenging thing, but that is what keeps me going.

What is the best part of your job?

I love meeting new people. This job has given me the opportunity to meet so many fellow bloggers, fashions enthusiasts and brand managers,which I think I like the most about being a blogger.

What are some of the challenges facing Bloggers in the Fashion and Beauty Industry?

The biggest challenge is being creative.  You cannot repeat the same idea.  Also right now blogging is very competitive and for an average Jane, there are lots of sources for fashion ideas to choose from. YouTube, Google, Instagram, Roposo – you name it. So you need the have that compelling content or you might just get lost in the crowd. This is a good thing as it keeps everyone on their toes for fresh and creative ideas.

Interview with Fashion and Beauty Blogger

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Interview with Fashion and Beauty Blogger Sandhya Rao

What moment would you point to as an illustration of success?

I think it was the moment when I was invited by the L’Oreal team in 2015 to walk the ramp with my favorite fashionista, Sonam Kapoor, for their Cannes makeup launch event. That event made me feel special about myself. It was the first time when I felt I have achieved something.

Can you tell us about a memorable moment you had while Blogging?

Blogging is all about showing your creativity in the field of fashion and beauty and I remember when people whose workI have admired started noticing my work, liking and commenting on my photos was very memorable. The one I can remember is from a Bollywood fashion designer. These are the little things that encourage me and matter to me the most.

What does it take to be successful in your industry? Constancy, creativity, and professionalism.

Like I said blogging has become very competitive and to be consistent with your own creativity and not a copy – paste of somebody else’s work will definitely make you successful.

Interview with Fashion and Beauty Blogger

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Give us one memorable Social Media moment that stands out as your favorite?

Getting noticed by professional makeup artists and fashion icons is the best thing and I remember the first time a girl sent me a direct message on instagram saying that I inspire her and she loves my work!  That made me so happy.

Who are some of your favorite Fashion or Beauty events you’ve attended in the past?

Loreal Cannes Makeup Launch 2015

Manish Malhotra Summer Couture 2017 fashion show

What is the typical day in the Life of Sandhya?

I love cooking for my loved ones!  I start my day having breakfast with my hubby, checking emails and planning for the day or shoot!  Interact with few of my followers and friends from Social media and I end my day binge watching some series on Netflix.

Interview with Fashion and Beauty Blogger

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What’s in your makeup bag?

Haha!  A must have for me is the lipstick that I am wearing that day!  Lip balm, paper tissues, blush,white kohl, eyebrow pencil and a tiny mirror. The makeup bag when I am traveling includes Foundation, primer, compact and a face wash.

What advice would you give to our female readers?

To get started from what they have.  Not to wait and collect ideas.  Just get started with it and things will flow easily soon after.  Don’t take too many advice or opinions.  Trust your own gut and life will be very easy.

Interview with Fashion and Beauty Blogger

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Interview with Fashion and Beauty Blogger

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