Interview with Beautiful Makeup Artist Sanchita Thakur recently had the opportunity to speak with Makeup Artist Sanchita Thakur, Here’s an excerpt from the interview, where the artist gives us an insight into beauty trends.

Hello sanchita, thank you for taking the time to interview with us.  Tell us about yourself.

I am sanchita thakur. i reside in Delhi but my background is of Himachal Pradesh so i am pahadi as well. I love acting and makeup . It is something i really enjoy doing. I aspire to become an actor one day .Well apart from all these i am very simple from my heart believe me when i say that & religious too .If you follow me then you will know this i do believe in this quote “do good and be good”

What’s your passion?

Well my passion is to become an actor. Not only just an actor but also wants to be that person, who inspire people, become someone’s aspiration & a hope through which people can learn nothing is impossible.

What inspired you to become a professional make-up artist?

Well i am a upcoming makeup artist .dance has inspired me to actually start off with my makeup.

Makeup Artist Sanchita Thakur

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Were you fond of applying makeup ever since you were a little girl?

Well you can say that. Ha-ha i started off with a lipstick .you know that kids age where we use one product all over our face. I am not new to makeup i have been doing it since my childhood .i started dancing from 2nd class .my mom used to make me ready that time and then slowly i learnt. I learnt how to a make a bun that time so you see i was a good learner.

What has your greatest obstacle/challenge been?

My biggest challenge or obstacle was to fight with myself. I was a very shy kid. I knew i had that passion and something was not coming up. So i started questioning myself. I was not happy .i always used to get nerve wreck whenever i have to come in front of 100 people. And in fact even today i am trying to improve myself.

How have you dealt with/overcome it?

Well no one can actually help you in any situation i believe. It’s you who have to come up strong and do things to make it work. Simple! I really don’t know what i did but i never gave up. People can guide you but it’s you who have to figure the best solution that suits you and then walk and never look back.

Makeup Artist Sanchita Thakur

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What has your greatest achievement been?

Well there are so many like little things that do become a greatest achievement. For me i think i have achieved them and i don’t like bragging things .i think i will wait for the time when people will know me by themselves i think that will be my achievement.

What’s your favorite part of the job?

Well i have just started but i want to highlight one thing. You know the best part of job comes when you know what you are doing and why you are doing. When you know this it, initially it becomes the best part.

If you could pick one unique product or service offering, which would be your favorite, and why?

Well it depends on everybody needs. I personally cannot choose one product it’s so hard (laugh) .but i think lipstick is that one product that can either make or break the look. And if i have to recommend a color that suits almost every skin tone will be Mac ruby woo and Gerard matte red lipstick .both are beautiful red shades.

Makeup Artist Sanchita Thakur

Makeup Artist Sanchita Thakur

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What are your hobbies or non-work-related activities?

Hobbies i don’t think that word fit on me because i do whatever i like and whenever i like. I do dance in free time, trying different styles of makeup, cooking, yes not many know but i cook delicious food and i love singing.

Any great stories from working with a client?

Well like i said i have done on many but never took it seriously. i never saw me as a makeup artist. It’s actually you people and my friends that really pushed me to start with this . I remember this one line almost everyone said you really do good makeup why don’t you start and we will be your client, we would love to.

What makes you different from others in your field?

Well i don’t know about other’s, everyone is doing so great. Like now many people know how to do their own makeup. But i guess not many know the things that they are following while watching so many people is actually very misleading. It may works on one but not on everyone.” i am glad i have learnt a lot while watching them, with my own mistakes and i can safely say i know what i am doing and i can equally teach them too”.

sanchita thakur

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 What is your favorite summer 2015 beauty trend?

When you say summer it’s all about colors, easy style and simple yet glam. I remember there was this hype of contouring earlier. But actually in 2015 or afterwards thank god makeup genius made it more wearable. I really at times feel like to cut down this myth make people more aware what contouring actually is. Even many makeup leading artist on YouTube or on Instagram are misleading may be they themselves don’t know what it is. Thank god! I have encountered some really genius artists who not only know what it is but have the knowledge of it .i have watched almost most of the you tubers and hands down only few knows what they are doing.

 You regularly work with many beautiful women around us. How does that shape your definition of beauty?

It’s funny how people describe word beautiful. Let me tell you if you are tall , fair , have sharp features and pouty lips you’re beautiful. It’s so shame that such people still exist. Every skin tone, every height and every type of features are beautiful .don’t forget Rihanna, Beyonce, Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra you all love them and they all are black and browns.

Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus ,Alia Bhatt they all are short but you still listen to their songs and watch their acting . But still people in real life make it a scene i have myself encountered and that is so disheartening.

What is the best part of teaching makeup aspirants the art of makeup and brush?

Well to all the upcoming makeup artist and people who aspire to be. You should know the face is your canvas and your brushes are tools. You are not competing anybody but you are working here to make someone look even more beautiful than what they already are.

sanchita thakur

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If you weren’t a makeup artist, what would you want to do?

Actor any doubt? That’s in first place of my priority list always.

What’s your favorite snack?

Now that is the most important question of all (laugh). I love food i cannot live without it. My favorite has to be shahi paneer and butter chicken.

Where is your favorite place to travel?

There is no such favorite for me. I love seeing new places. But one day i want to go to Paris .it’s my dream place to do shopping.

sanchita thakur

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What is your all time favorite movie and why?

My all time favorite movie has to be kabhi khushi kabhi gham. i love it it’s so good i love kajol acting in it. And JAB WE MET – i love this movie, the acting, the drama and the comedy timing of kareena Kapoor. she is my inspiration, i just love  watching her movies.

What are your ambitions for the coming years?

I am happy with my life but if you have one life and you do nothing it doesn’t make a difference. And i want to make a difference .i want to be a successful person from my own failures and success. I want to achieve make my dream come true and to reach my goals. Never the less i want to give everything i can to my parents i love them!

Anything else you’d like to share?

Well yes, of course to all the young souls who want to be something in their life .you know who you are, sometimes people won’t get you but that’s okay? you are not here to prove anyone just remember success is nothing if you’re not a good person by heart .like i say be good and do good you may not get good in return now but it will keep your heart happy and you will get it back in a good way may be not the way you thought but you will.


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