Exclusive Interview with International Model Shalini Srivastava

Tell me about you.. Your place of birth, where u brought up? your family? Schooling? College? Your interests?

I am a person who is very consistent. Whether its coming to work or personal life. Love Fashion, Dance is my passion, Born and brought up in the City of Nawabs (emperors) Lucknow and Sangam City Allahabad.  Went Hyderabad for my higher education (masters) and worked in the Capital City of India with a working experience of 7 yrs in Advertising and Marketing Industry. And now from last 3 years settled in Silicon Valley, California.

Your Favourites Shalini
Actress: Meryl Streep
Actor: Irfan Khan
Place: Paris
Colour: Turquoise Blue
Food: I am not that foodie but when it comes to choice…. Chinese food Attire: Denim and Blazer
Film: Devil Wears Prada
Turn on: Clean House
Turn offs: Bad Breath

What made you first become a model?

I love Fashion from my childhood days and this is because of my mom. She always used to dress me up nicely……. bell-bottom pants, Bella sleeves, off shoulder dresses…Wow…I use to watch fashion shows, observe people and their fashion sense. Trying new and creative things alone in a locked room, using my mom’s makeup, Saree etc. This is where I got my fashion craziness and Modelling interest.

International Model Shalini SrivastavaHow did you feel when you did your first ever fashion show or photo shoot?

I was super excited and happy and one thing came to my mind I can do this…and I will be perfect.

Who was your role model as a child and how did that help in being a model?

It was and always will be My Mom. She is the one who gave me zeal of fashion and inspiration to fight with all the difficulties and smile in all the situations

Interview with International Model Shalini Srivastava

What did your parent first think of you being a model and where they supportive?

My reason of coming to fashion world is my parents (Indian society and mentality) and their thinking.
I wanted to prove that fashion world is not bad place and its not easy.

Interview with International Model Shalini SrivastavaIf you were not a model, what other profession would you have been doing instead?

I worked as Marketing head for 7 years in product marketing and advertising…If I weren’t a Fashion blogger I could have chosen Marketing line only.

What are guilty pleasures foods wise?

Chicken Curry

How do you cope under the pressures of being a model?

I say these words to me “ If I made this far…I can go beyond this and I can do this”

Interview with International Model Shalini SrivastavaWhat beauty tips do you swear by?

Always wash face before sleep and use natural product for face and avoid makeup as much as you can

What is your favorite fashion brand?

Kate Spade

Any learning’s you would like to share?

Always Believe in yourself, Support women who cant support themselves, Be true to yourself.

Interview with International Model Shalini SrivastavaWhich do you prefer, Heels or Sneakers?

I choose heels long back so why afraid ??

Describe your sense of style in 3 words.

Classy, Comfy, Sassy

What is that favorite accessory that you cannot leave the house without?

My powerbank…..

Interview with International Model Shalini SrivastavaApart from fashion, what other things do you have great interest in?

Dance (I am trained kathak dancer)

What are your future plans?

My vision is To become a Fashion critic and enter to “Milan fashion week” officially

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Interview with International Model Shalini Srivastava

Shalini Srivastava, thank you so much for this lovely interview.


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