Exclusive Interview With Fashion Influencer and YouTuber Rupinder Arora

Hi Rupinder, could you start by telling us a bit about yourself?
A warm hello to everyone reading this. I am a simple but a very fun loving, cheerful girl who believes in living every moment to the fullest. I have been an educationist, An entrepreneur and after winning Mrs india 2017 have essayed several roles of a pageant groomer, judge, and presently working my ways up as a youtuber and a fashion and a beauty influencer.

Where are you based?
I basically belong to Gurgaon but presently based in Jalandhar, Punjab.

You have an exceptionally unique look, Rupinder. Where does your style come from and where do you get your inspiration from?
I believe Style is primarily a matter of instinct. Its more about being yourself. Fashion can be bought ,trends can be followed but style remains unique. Your style reflects your personality. So I would say I certainly have fashion inspirations and I closely follow the runway trends but I don’t see anyone as my style inspiration.

exclusive interview with fashion influencer

When did you start vlogging/social media and what was your motivation for getting started?
Instagram blogs and YouTube are my very recent ventures. I am still very much a newbie in the world of ‘digital influencing’. I was basking in the glory after winning Mrs. India 2017-18 and taking up the opportunities of walking the ramp , grooming the beauty pageant aspirants and modeling for prints and all that while I kept sharing my journey with my Instagram followers who in turn gave me a very welcoming response, I used to get several DM’s asking the details about my look, outfit, my opinion. And that’s how I realized, people were looking up to me for my style and fashion sense and thus began my journey as a digital influencer and a youtuber.

Interview With Fashion Influencer and YouTuber Rupinder Arora

What have been your keys to success?
Well, I feel Success is a very subjective term. I consider myself fortunate enough to be doing what I enjoy .I just do my work with a lot of passion and try to bring on table ,some content that my followers can relate to and find helpful and this is what is helping me to grow. Though I need to be a little more consistent.

Who is your primary audience? And what do you think keeps them bringing back to your vlogs.
My content focuses on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, so well my audience includes both men and women who love staying fashion forward and look for style and beauty hacks. If you deliver quality, trust and interaction to your audience, they reciprocate you with enormous love and keep coming back. Well that’s what I try to do, staying true and authentic to my followers.

exclusive interview with fashion influencer

Natural makeup look | Liplush By Nitika

Do you access a different audience being based in Jalandhar, or are you able to connect with a national and international audience?
Nooooo, That is but the beauty of social media. You are not limited to a certain set of audience .There are no regional boundaries. Your audience comprises of the people who relate to your content and I feel glad to have people from across the globe who are connected me over Instagram and YouTube. But Certainly people from your own city, state and country are certainly more interactive ones.

Do you see yourself as a marketing personnel?
Hahaha….No way, marketing is altogether a different arena. People know marketing professionals would only sell the products and owe no responsibility.

Do you see yourself as an “influencer”, if so what does it mean to you?
Of course and I take absolute pride in acknowledging that I am a fashion and a beauty influencer. It certainly feels great to know that your knowledge and expertise is appreciated, your opinion is sought after and your tips are awaited. It does brings along a great deal of responsibility to never let my followers down and keeping up with the genuinity of my work.

interview with fashion influencer

Do you market on behalf of brands? Can you share any brand campaigns you have worked on and that you are particularly fond of?
I would rather say I influence my followers in favor of certain brands. That’s part of my job and I get paid for it. But I am careful to pick brands I work with. At no point would I endorse or recommend my followers a product or brand that I don’t believe in. Couple of brands and campaigns that I have worked for are: Amazon, Laneige, Shein and Real Juice. I am personally very fond of ‘Laneige’ that has an excellent range of skincare products.

Who do you admire the most in the world?
Its very difficult to name one person, I admire our pm Mr. Modi for his selfless work and discipline, Sushmita Sen for her determination and grace, Mr. Obama for his leadership, Priyanka Chopra for her wit and communication, Mr. APJ Kalam for his intelligence and the list is endless.

If you were to give someone advice, who is thinking about getting into vlogging and world of influencing, what would it be? How about fashion blogging?
I would say , what seems fun and glamorous from the other side is far more challenging and demanding. So, research your expertise, establish your niche. It might take some time as there is a lot of competition now. But with consistency and quality you can make it a very rewarding career option. Same goes for fashion blogging as well, if you feel you are creative with your styling and you have lot of fashion content to offer, and you can bring something new and different content for your audience, you have a lot of scope.

interview with fashion influencer

General words of wisdom you live by?
Don’t think about the past, You cannot change it. Don’t stress about future, You cannot control it Just live in the moment that is all you have!!!!! LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST!!!!!

Favourite quote?
Be strong, not rude…
Be kind,not weak…
Be humble, not timid…
Be proud, not arrogant!!!!!!

What is your biggest dream in life?
Well I take it one step at a time. So right now all I dream of is to be amongst the top beauty and fashion influencers of our country.

rupinder arora

If you could have a celebrity best friend who would it be?
Hey, I am someone who is more drawn towards character or behavior and not social status. The idea of having a celebrity best friend somehow does not sounds very fascinating. My best friend would be someone like me, who understands me and lifts me up when I feel low, supports and motivates me.

What do you prefer? Heels or sneakers?
Would have said sneakers if someone asked me this 3 yrs back. Today my heart screams loud HEELS, HEELS & HEELS

Who is your favourite designer?
I love Gaurav Gupta, Shyamal and Bhumika, Tarun Tahiliani amongst the Indian designers and one of my most favourite international designers is Elie Saab.

rupinder arora

Describe your sense of style in 3 words.
Elegant, Chic and Sexy

What is your favourite accessory, You cannot leave the house without.
My sunglasses.

Apart from fashion, what other things do you have great interest in?
While Fashion forms the core of most of my interests, Music too has my heart. I love listening to old Bollywood classic songs.

Do you have a personal website? where can we follow you?
No, Instagram and YouTube are my hot spots.



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