All About New Trend Written By Gaurika

All About New Trend Written By Gaurika

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How have you guys been? Is the weather making you happy or are you sulking over it? Well we are totally loving it. Moreover we are overwhelmed with the love and wishes that you are showering on us and so we are here with another blog.

Our last blog was for the modern woman who wishes to transform her style as the day turns into night. But is it always possible? Nah! It’s natural to feel lazy at times. When you’d wish to sail through the day without having to change for your post work plans. That’s where MISSAMORE CLOTHING Range steps it.

All About New Trend Written By Gaurika

Their collection is unique and classy. It stands apart from what other online brands have to offer. It is a brand that offers you a collection that you’ve always been searching for but could never really find.

All About New Trend Written By Gaurika

I’ve styled this Boho printed shift dress for my Friday Frenzy! A crease-less polyester dress with shades that remind me of dawn and dusk. I can easily play around in this dress and it is perfect for a long day. The tangerine flats are edgy yet comfortable.

All About New Trend Written By Gaurika

gaurika and sonakshi

For the workplace this hair updo is perfect to keep your hair in place. It gives you a new look without chopping off your tresses at all. Cool, isn’t it?

beautiful Gaurika & sonakshi

What’s more cool is the back of the dress. Just apt for you to carry it off at your workplace as well as your post work plans.

fashion blogger gaurika and sonakshi

Once you step out of the the office, all you’ve got to do is let your tresses fall loose and you are done. So the next time you have trouble falling asleep because you just can’t decide what to wear for a day where you’ll be be heading to different places, Fret not because Missamore apparels would be Perfect. They also have an amazing range of bags and sunglasses to offer.

Another great thing about this brand-SUCH AFFORDABLE PRICES! Keep a look on their 99 store because that is the best deal you can get😀

For us, their merchandise is a steal. Go follow them on Instagram and Happy Shopping❤

OH Wondering where my BFF is😛 Well she is off for a vacation to one of the most beautiful places in India-Ladakh. She will be back soon.

Until next time🙂

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