Sonia Maan Pens an Emotional Letter To Her Father

Losing a dear one is the most heartbreaking moment for anyone. But that void of missing that dear one is filled with the memories and the gestures left behind by them. And one such gesture has been left by Punjabi actress’ Sonia Mann’s late father, Baldev Singh Mann, who was shot by Khalistani militants. His daughter, Soni was born at the time. On the occasion of Soni’s birth, he had penned an emotional letter to Soni which she received on her seventeenth birthday.

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In the letter Baldev Singh, who was fighting against the extremists in Punjab, was killed whilst on his way back to his village. In his letter he has mentioned every emotion of his family, relatives and the close ones upon the birth of a daughter. Still undeterred by all these circumstances, he was extremely proud that his wife gave birth to a daughter.
Baldev Singh through his words expressed what he would want his daughter to grow up and be like. He wished for his daughter to be a human first, and later Hindu, Muslim or a Sikh. He encouraged her to fight against the dark forces. He has also mentioned that he would be unable to fulfil the duties of a father, but promises Soni that when she grows up, she would be proud of the family she was born into because of the legacy of principles he would leave behind.

sonia maan
He states, “You are the flame of a candle that is destined to spread light. Beware, do not get mislead by the devils that conspire to torch homes of the poor in the name of humanity.”

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And now, after three decades, a book has been authored by Harbhagwan Singh who has dedicated his book to Baldev Singh Mann. The title of the book is ‘Gatha Ik Soorme Di’.

Overwhelmed Sonia on this super special occasion said, “Dear daddy, you are my pilot, and my hero. What an honor it is to be your daughter. Your service and sacrifice will never be forgotten, nor your bravery or courage. If heaven wasn’t so far away, I would have often packed my things and come to visit you. You have and will always serve as the person that lightens up my passion. I hope to make you proud and continue to achieve the dreams you had for me, like you mentioned in the letter. My heart still aches in sadness, my silent tears never cease because no one will ever know the emptiness in my life after losing you. We will never be apart, till my final breath, you’ll always live in my heart. Daddy, thinking of you today and always! I love you forever.”

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