Our Interview With Budding Entrepreneur Woman Prachi Maulingker Naik Pai

Here’s a special treat for the week: a singonline exclusive interview with the super savvy Prachi Maulingker, A budding entrepreneur woman, a fashion stylist and a former research scientist for cipla! I recently got a chance to talk with Prachi Maulingker about her career. Some excerpts from the interaction.

Hello Prachi, thank you for taking the time to Interview with us.  Tell us about yourself.

Firstly thank you singonline for giving me this opportunity and Im glad to be a part of your blog page. Basically I’m a Goan currently living in Pune.  Happily married to Mr. Mithilesh  Naik Pai who works as a software engineer for a renowned company in Pune. My hobbies include shopping (especially sarees, I just love drapes), listening to music, cooking, exploring new places, and yes not to forget I’m a big foodie and. Hope someday I become an inspiration to all those woman who think that they can’t make a good entrepreneur.

Why Did You Choose Fashion As A Career?

It just happened to me. I have been a fashion follower from a very early age and always wanted to be in that profession but due to certain circumstances I chose a different field. Being a Postgraduate in  Biotechnology I worked for nearly 6 years in the field of research but always found that something was missing and that’s when I took a call to quit my job and start something of my own and that’s how Picz & Clickz happened and eventually  I entered into styling biz.

What Inspired You To Pursue Styling?

Who doesn’t love to look good??!!!! In today’s world of social media craze everyone wants to look the best possible version of themselves, and I had many of my friends coming up to me asking for my opinions about what to wear, how to style themselves for any event and that’s what inspired me to think of styling as a profession. If my fashion knowledge can be of some help then why not!!!

Budding Entrepreneur Woman

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What Is Some Advice That You Would Give Someone Who Is Thinking About Going In The Fashion Industry?

Fashion is not about copying someone, it’s about getting inspired and doing something one step ahead of others.

What Has Been The Hardest Thing About Styling?

Each individual is different in their taste, like and approach so it gets challenging to find the right outfit and look for client. So a bit of brain storming is required with respect to body type and body language. But the most difficult part is to convince that the style prescribes is best suited for them.

What Has Been The Best Thing About Styling?

I get to interact with different clients with different taste and expectations. I get to experiment with new styles and makeovers which in turn gives me a chance to explore new ideas and challenge my creativity which provides me a great satisfaction.

Budding Entrepreneur Woman

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Who are your favorite designers and places to buy clothes- high-end and street-buys?

For Casuals I love the work of Pankaj-Nidhi, Meher-Riddhima and Lola by Suman B.

For ethnic wear and evening gowns I admire the work of Gauri-Nainika, Rohit Bal and Mounisha Jaising, Anita Dongre and Sabyasaachi.

Coming to buying of High End clothes Wendell Rodrigues will always top the list and for street buys Mumbai Link road and in Pune I prefer Laxmi road for traditional stuff and Koregaon Park for western stuff.

If you could have a celebrity best friend, who would it be?

Undoubtedly Shilpa Shetty the reason being she is hot at same time graceful and elegant. She’s a style icon.

What are your favorite, must-have fashion accessories?

Statement neck pieces is something I love as they never let you down.

What is your go-to outfit for a busy workday?

Pencil skirt, formal shirt with a scarf that would add a bit of sexiness to it and team it with a pair of comfortable pumps.

Prachi Maulingker Naik Pai

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What is the biggest fashion mistake most Indian women make, and what can they do to fix it?

Indian women think about the society first and as per that they try to style themselves. To fix the mistake they just need to know that it’s their body, their wish and their choice and they are the ones to decide what they are comfortable in.

What is your advice for girls who are shopping on a limited budget but still want to look fashionable like a movie star?

I have been through this phase during my college days so personally I recommend a few things to those who love to follow trends. Street shop for low budget T-shirts, tops and team them up with Branded jeans and don’t miss out on buying accessories like bracelet, earrings, necklaces as they lift the whole look of the outfit.

And now we talk about Prachi as business women. What did you do before launching your own business?

Starting any type of business is not a cake walk. There are many factors you need to analyze before you act, I did some research to find out whether this concept of Picz & Clickz going to work or not. I did some online surveys to gather considerable data based on which I could find out what would be best suited to start this business.  Also collected data like from where I could find my potential client database. I wanted to start something with a very less capital investment at the beginning so I planned my finances accordingly. And yes most importantly I also found out all the possible ways of promoting Picz & Clickz online as well as offline since marketing and advertising is a key tool for success of any business.

Please tell us something about your business Picz N Clickz?

I started Picz & Clickz in July 2016. We are a team of Photographers, videographers and cinematographers working collaboratively and serving across India. Our team caters to all Photography and Videography needs at client convenience and budget. We offer all types of services right from wedding & engagement shoots to pre-wedding, post wedding as well as maternity shoots. We also do fashion as well as business and corporate photography and cinematography.

Picz N Clickz

Please tell our readers how they can contact Picz N Clickz?

People can reach out to me through Facebook & Instagram. Also they can inbox us at Also you can find us on google business listing.

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How would you rate your success?

I feel I have a long way to go and this is just the beginning. I have set my goals and working towards fulfilling them and at this stage I would rate myself at the lowest possible no. on the scale.

How do you manage all of your personal and business activities?

It’s all about priorities and striking a balance between your personal and professional life and so as and when required I switch my roles.

Do you think that it is more challenging for a woman being a researcher than for a man? Can you tell if India is any different in this regard?

Challenges are there in every profession be it research or any other field. Speaking only about research, I don’t feel there is anything that a man can do which a woman can’t, be it literature survey or designing any trial or carrying out any experiment that needs great hands on technique.

Budding Entrepreneur Woman

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In Western countries, they feel that institutional conventions should be changed, but here, many feel that social perceptions need to be changed for more women to enter the STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics] fields. What do you think?

In India institutional conventions is a later part but yes social perceptions definitely  needs a change and infact it is happening across a few states of india where there are initiatives taken to educate a female girl child. Many NGOs have also been collectively putting efforts towards this cause. The extreme rural areas need to be reached since these are the main targets for woman empowerment drives.

What advice would you give to young women readers of Singonline who want to follow a similar career path as you?

I would say it’s never too late to start with anything be it this path or any other career path. The only thing you need is will power and self belief. This when coupled with hard work you can achieve anything you desire in life. Especially to all married homemakers out there who feels that their life revolves only around family and children, I would just say one thing. Get sometime  time for yourself and don’t lose your existence and your identity in course of looking after your family. Always remember that you are an individual first and then comes the rest. It feels proud to be known by your name and not as someone’s wife or someone’s mother or daughter.

Thank You Prachi For This Lovely Conversation

Prachi Maulingker

 prachi pune

Our Interview With Budding Entrepreneur Woman Prachi Maulingker Naik Pai


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