Interview with TV Anchor and Presentor Priya Chandela

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Nationality: INDIAN

Height: 5’3

Eye Color: BROWN

Hair Color: BROWN

Zodiac Sign: AQUARIUS

Facebook: Anchor Priya Chandela

Instagram: Priyachandela_official

Hi Priya, could you start by telling us a bit about yourself?

I am 24, the Youngest sister out of 3. Aquarian, Single, Independent and focused woman. A Graduate in History from Delhi university. Brought up gracefully by a single mother. Much known for my quirky and spontaneous sense of humour.

Where are you based?

Pure Delhite. Born and brought up in the capital city.

Interview with TV Anchor and Presentor Priya Chandela

Tell us your story about being a leading corporate events anchor. How did you get into it? What makes you so passionate about your work?

To be really honest, I never had any plan of becoming an anchor, It just happened (Though, One of the best thing happened to me so far) My sister was an event manager at that time she used to Organise promotional activities, one day an anchor who was supposed to do her show, ditched her and she called me up and straight away asked me

Where are you? Please come to Manav Rachna college (Surajkund) its urgent. She told me to wear smart casuals. That’s all. I had no idea what I am going there for. I reached the college and she just jumped in and narrated the whole story, But all that was buzzing in my ears was
You have to hold the mic ‘Hold the mic’ ‘Hold the mic’ and make the college students play some games and involve in anything“ 
And my reaction was “WHAT? ARE YOU SERIOUS? And within no time I was ON STAGE. (I still get goosebumps thinking about that exact moment) I don’t know what made me rock that show so effortlessly, that even the client did not get to know that it was my “First time”
In-fact the client was very happy, college students had a great session and it all went so rhythmically and then I started getting work using that first clip through my sister. Initially when started hosting I thought it will just end up as any other hobby or job because there already were so many anchors in the industry that I thought I would never be able to mark my identity here, but gradually I started getting recognition for my own style of working which was never coated with anything artificial, I was just being myself, people liked my quirky spontaneous sense of humour, I started loving to see my crowd my audience enjoying and within a span of a year or two I was being polished enough to be there on the top choice of my particular pool of clients.
Interview with TV Anchor and Presentor Priya Chandela
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Interview with TV Anchor and Presentor Priya Chandela

Have you ever had any formal training in acting, presenting, public-speaking, communications etc? Do you think it is important?

Not really. Failures and the resultant Experience is the heat which mould me into what I am today. I am hardcore practical person.

I don’t even REMEMBER that formula, that equation or any piece of paper which I was being taught in my school or college, and moreover not remembering it never even came in my way at any point of life.

Not that I am saying study isn’t important, It Is, It Absolutely is But the real life ground has much more to teach you than the ground of books.

I was a shy introvert kind of person, who turned into the master of being extrovert, open & talkative & all the credit goes to my mother for letting me go out, for letting me get up myself after falling off and for teaching me to learn from the failures. So it was never the book but the experience which taught me.

Interview with TV Anchor and Presentor Priya Chandela

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How do you keep yourself so healthy and glowing? Tell us your secret.

Glow comes from within. No matter what face pack you use or what kind of cosmetic things you rely on. The glow which comes from within never looses its shine.

I am a Vipassana meditator Meditationn is the first key which is keeping me happy from inside which glows out. And secondly I swear by following my 7 day hardcore detox routine every month without fail which flushes out all the intoxicant that i have consumed in a month.

• 7 Day Detox Drink • Daily meditation • No salt post 8pm • That’s the secret

Who is your role model?

Here I am not going to name any of the actress or entrepreneur. Because I believe a role model is the one whose path we have been following or who we wish to follow all our life. My role model has been my mother. I have seen her single handedly raising three daughters up so gracefully, fighting all the odds she has been the strongest super hero of my life..

She inspires me to smile no matter how bad a situation is. She inspires me to get up and give another try even after 100th failure. So she is the one.

Interview with TV Anchor and Presentor Priya Chandela

Any anchor you appreciate the most?

I love how gracefully MANDIRA BEDI pulls off every event. I have been her fan since childhood.

And in my industry of LIVE EVENTS AND ENTERTAINMENT.  Gitikka Ganju Dhar is the woman who i want to be. I have never seen a woman with so much of perfection and grace. Every word she brings out of her mouth is a masterpiece.

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Share your most memorable experience in the event industry.

Well it’s been 5 years now and within these five years i have hosted more than 1000 shows and by god’s grace whenever I come off-stage I take back home bundles of compliments, appreciation and a thousand of memories, so can’t really jot down one of them

But yeah I remember one event.

It was a 3-day long corporate event with multiple events where on the last day the CEO was leaving the hall but he came back on the stage specially to appreciate my work which made everyone in the hall to stand up in honour and the room was filled with hooting and applauses. It was all mine. That was my moment And Another one which I would love to share from my recent experience.

During the shoot of my first ever TV Show ‘Hasaane ka mukhiya kaun? ‘

Which I co-hosted with a well-known comedian Balraj Syal, who was obviously very much experienced in the field of Television.

It was our third or fourth day of shoot when he said You know what priya I have shared stage with many female compares but you are one of the finest anchor I have worked with because the way you are pulling the show off so spontaneously “WITHOUT ANY SCRIPT’ is commendable and there was a time when he was hospitalized and I had to pull off the episode all alone, when he returned back from the hospital and saw me shooting on stage alone he came to me and Told me ‘ Wow you have done a really good job and the whole team was really happy.

So the moment and words like this coming from an experienced TV host for a fresher like me made the moment really big at that time.
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Describe your sense of style in 3 words. 


What is that favorite accessory that you cannot leave the house without? 

CONFIDENCE, I never leave home without it.

And if I Pen down one materialistic accessory it would be A WATCH And Little sling filled up with my basics.

Apart from Anchoring, what other things do you have great interest in?

I am very fond of reading and writing both. I maintain a diary whenever I feel heavy hearted I pen down. I write whatever comes to my mind.

Whatever time I am left with I spend reading and browsing about travel and all related things.

#TravelBlogging is up next on my list. *Wink*

What are your future plans?

Definitely getting married will never be there on the cards * Laugh *. Umm to be really true I don’t plan things, i just go with the flow. Because I believe there is a difference between Living and merely existing.

When, we focus too much on future plans we forget to live the present. But yes roughly what’s there on the TO DO LIST is Producing my own travel show which I will be hosting & Building up a travel blog.
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Anchor Priya Chandela Hosting Big Fat Wedding


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