Interview with Super Woman Radhika Swami

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Her strong professional drive has led to a multi-faceted career and life as an entrepreneur. Today, she is a Wedding Designer at Ivy Concepts. A Yoga Instructor by passion and a Model Above all, Radhika is a wife and proud mom of 3 kids.

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Interview with Super Woman Radhika Swami


Hello Radhika, thank you for taking the time to Interview with us.  Tell us about yourself.

Thank you so much for this opportunity. Really appreciate it! Well, am a mom of three lovely children, two girls & a boy and I love it. Have been married to a wonderful man for over 24 years and am so grateful for this life. I love my family, love my job, love this life…I enjoy cooking, reading, writing, travelling, exploring new avenues that will help me learn more every passing day. I hope that someday I can contribute more and more to this society, my country and that I can influence goodness and kindness in all that I do.

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What influenced you to take part in Mrs. India contest?

My friends actually…I was almost a part of Femina Miss India in 1993 when I decided to get married. So when there was an opportunity for married woman to attempt a beauty pageant my friends kind of convinced me to try it out. Needless to say, my husband supported my decision and also helped me set a new routine that was so different than all that I had done for the past 10 years that I had been married. This involved changing the way I ate, I slept and the way I was taking care of my body. It was he who introduced me to a gym and encouraged me to work out. I was 30 years old with three children and at 5.7 weighed almost 80 kilos. It took me fabulous fitness trainer and loads of determination to come to 58 kilos in a period of 6 months so that I could audition for the contest. The rest as they say is history!

Was there any setback for you to participate in Mrs. India contest?

Well, except my weight, none whatsoever…Thankfully I had the support of my family, was well equipped with help and was lucky to be financially supported.

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What advice would give to other married women who want to take part in Mrs. India contest but couldn’t due to certain problems?

There really is no problem, if you are clear about what you wish to do and where you wish to go. As long as you are prepared to prioritize your responsibilities and prepared to work hard in order to fulfill your duties, both for your own self as well as your family, there is no impediment.

If you can change the condition of women in our society, what would you do?

I wish I could do so much more than I am trying to do…I try my best to influence women with words, deeds and action. I speak to so many women on a daily basis, pushing them to take better care of themselves first and then the rest of their families or peers. But if I really could, I would love to just for one day turn them into the healthiest people on the planet, both mentally as well as physically, just to allow them to experience this magic called life!

Interview with Super Woman Radhika Swami

Interview with Super Woman Radhika Swami

Name the woman you feel is the finest ‘Mrs. World’ title holder till now. Why?

I do not know if there has been a legitimate Mrs. World contest so far, but I think it was because of Aditi Gowitrikar, that Mrs. India even became famous in the first place. She is by far the most popular Mrs. India followed by Jimmy Nanda, who then went on to becoming Mrs. Universe runners up in 2007. The reason these women were popular is simply because they have lived life to the fullest. They are confident, intelligent and have a certain aura within them that has influenced so many women across the country to follow their fullest.

And now we want to see another side of you.We know that you are a wedding designer too. How did you get involved with weddings & events?

I started designing birthday parties on a very small scale in the year 2000, just to enhance my creativity. In a matter of 2 years it grew into a large scale decoration firm and after 17 years Ivy is one of the most trusted names for sophisticated wedding décor across the country.

Ivy Concepts

Tell us something about IvyConcepts

Ivy Concepts is a wedding decoration and wedding management firm with four outlets in Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Mumbai as well as Delhi. We started out selling simple flower arrangements and today our firm stands for chic, elegant wedding designing & management across the country. We have designed as well as managed the weddings of some very high ranking families in the country and have contributed in several ways to the way the field of wedding decoration has shaped up in the state of Gujarat. At ivy we believe in simple, elegant as well as sophisticated decoration ideas for small, medium and large scale weddings. From the invitation cards to elaborate décor, we at Ivy do it all.

Ivy Concepts

What are your favorite wedding trends this year?

Weddings in India especially are strongly influenced by the west. Even though the trend is slowly shifting focus towards newer ideas and styles, we as a personalized company, are forced several times to comply with our clients wishes to follow the trends as set by western designers. At ivy we have consistently encouraged our clients to stick to everything that’s Indian…from authentic Indian drapery, to floral works to the overall set up. I am glad to let you know that finally rustic Indian décor is catching up this year and is here to stay for a long time to come. From reds, oranges and shocking pinks, to blues, violets and indigos…the color palette is fascinating, trendy and catchy. Peacocks, elephants, swans, parrots, horses and camels are all favorite motifs. Pastel shades are also a rage and will continue to be a part of the big fat Indian wedding season this year too.

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What tips do you have for brides planning a wedding?

First and foremost, be clear about what you really want for yourself, not for what you need the society to see on your wedding. Remember that the events or decoration at the wedding is next you as a couple are first. Once this is clear, the rest will follow. Learn to be happy from within, do not stress over unimportant matters and prioritize your needs first. Make a list of ideas that you are attracted to and keep making small notes on things that you can have for your wedding. Research well and then most importantly stick to your decisions.

Interview with Super Woman Radhika Swami

How do you initially meet with the bride or couple planning their wedding?

They generally get in touch with us. Once we have established common interests on the ideas then we work together.

Do you have any events or interesting projects coming up?

Several In fact…we are already booked for weddings in Rajasthan, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Vadodara and Ahmedabad

 If you could choose anywhere in the world what would be your dream destination wedding location?

I think Rajasthan and Goa are beautiful locations for a wedding. I will also love to organize a wedding in an archaeological venue, just for the history that it has been a witness for.

Any challenge you face in your profession and how you overcome that?

Every wedding, however small or big, does not get accomplished without a challenge. It’s our experience on the field that always helps tackle any issues that may arise during our projects. Destination weddings are always more challenging because we are dependent on several agencies for even small tasks.

radhika swami

Interview with Super Woman Radhika Swami

Now my next question is about your passion.When did you start practicing yoga and why?

In 2008, a really bad health streak led me to the Himalayas for recovery; this is where I discovered Yoga. It was love at first sight for me and I have been practicing ever since. I know for sure that I will always be passionate about Yoga for the rest of my life.

Where did you do your training?

At several places across the country, but my first teacher training certification was from the Himalayas. I went on to acquire several other certifications from various schools, some short term and some long term. But I feel that one is a lifelong student especially when it comes to mystic sciences like Yoga.

What advice would you give a well-practiced yogi to take their practice to the next level?

A well-practiced yogi does not need mine or anyone else’s advice to take to the next level. He or she is completely established within themselves.

Do your students inspire you?

All the time… In the past 8 years as a teacher, seldom has there been a student who does not inspire me. They all come to my center with their own stories & experiences and I am constantly amazed at their struggles and accomplishments. There is always room to learn from someone. Yoga teaches you this skill.

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Our readers often have diet and lifestyle questions, and how those two components are integrated into yoga practice. What advice and resources can you provide?

Yoga is all about bringing the mind and body together. It’s about maintaining the ethos of a well-balanced body that can happen only when one learns to control one’s urges, whether it’s eating habits, sleeping habits or any other attribute of living. You are what you eat finally, hence be aware of foods that you should eat and those that you must avoid. Practicing a simple and holistic lifestyle can easily help you remain fit and strong throughout your life.

What advice would you give to young women readers of Singonline who want to follow a similar career path as you?

Have certain clarity in your head about what you wish to do for yourself. Work out, be active and learn to accept life as it happens!! Be responsible for all that you do or say and be happy. Everything will work out!

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