Interview with Mrs India Earth Face Of North India Mridula Oberoi

Here’s a perfect example of how hard work, persistence and determination work in your favor and help you make a mark in the world. Mridula Oberoi winner of Mrs. India Earth Face Of North India has opened the doors for higher avenues; she spoke at length about her dreams, aspirations and happiness mantra. Some excerpts from the interaction.

Tell us about yourself, your background and what you do currently

I was born and brought up in a small town of Punjab, Pathankot.  Belongs to a middle class family. my parents were teachers.  So I got the best of education and was raised in a very healthy and open atmosphere.I did my schooling from St. Joseph’s Convent Pathankot and thereafter went to Ludhiana for my Graduation. And did my PG  from Rohtak University.

I completed my masters in computers and started my professional career as a teacher. Raised to the level of School Coordinator. I also worked with HDFC bank for few years.  I have been in to life skill workshops as a freelance.

I got married in Pathankot into a business class family. I am a mother of 11 year old son.

Presently I work as a freelance Model and a trainer in life skills.

I am also Brand Ambassador of Women Empowerment for Rotract Club

A SVEEP district icon .

Why was winning the pageant essential?

For me more than winning or losing learning and experiencing something new was very important.  As I believe we all have potential to do anything. It’s only we who limit ourselves in life. So it was my passion and I followed it.  Yes definitely winning always adds to your self confidence and get you a happiness when you become an inspiration for many others.

So finally I realised that lot many people had hopes on me and they started looking upon me with a faith in me.  So that made me realize my win would really inspire many married women to come out of their shells and explore their own potential. I wanted to reach people with a message of “live a life with a vision” . Marriage is not the end of life. So do not stop here.

What has been your biggest challenge in achieving your success?

To be very honest I really don’t think I had any challenges in achieving this success.  I was determined,  I worked hard,  gave my 100% and found everything falling in place on its own.  So small little challenges and struggles I don’t count them as big challenges.  They are part of life and make us more strong to face the life.

Interview with Mrs India Earth

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What has been your greatest achievement personally?

There is no end to achievements in life but yes till now the biggest if I say is earning the confidence of my spouse. That’s the reason I am doing what I wanted to do. So earning trust and confidence is something very difficult in today’s world.

If you weren’t doing what you do now, what would you be doing?

Haha…  That’s a cute questions..  I love kids and I love interacting with them…  So I would definitely have been into education only..  Talking to my children and making them learn not the lessons but talking on life..  Which I still do whenever they connect with me.  Today’s generation is our tomorrow. Then need to be guided towards mankind, humanity and bring compassionate in life. And live a visionary life.

Who has been your biggest inspiration?

No second thought…  My Father..  He always taught me to believe in myself..  Have patience and work hard in life. I have learnt to be positive no matter what happens.  I live in Present…  Past has gone and future is our Karma.

Interview with Mrs India Earth

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Was this your actual aim in life? Do you feel you’ve accomplished it?

My aim…  I am still very confused about this..  But to how much I have understood is I just want to reach people with an authenticity . Where my voice, my message of Spread Love … Love Life..can be just embedded into the society.  Maybe this I can do through this fraternity of glamour world…  Because it’s a human nature that they only absorb what comes from someone who’s a  big public figure.. Same message if given by just anyone around them would not be even considered. No matter how authentic that message is.

No I am still far off from that…  Still more to accomplish. And I am sure I ll make it happen soon.

Do you think you’re journey till here can be inspirational to others?

Yes, definitely!  When I look back from where I started.  From a Kindergarten Teacher till here . Definitely I have climbed up the ladder of success.  But this is really not the end.  I look forward to move ahead and keep exploring life, learning from my experiences and inspiring people.

I feel happy and more motivated when I get DM’s and Personal messages from people almost from different corners of world.

Which celebrities you believe are the most influential?

Influential Celebrities if I talk about almost every human is trying to do their bit towards goodness in the world in their own way.  So no specific person I would name…

Interview with Mrs India Earth Face Of North India Mridula Oberoi

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Interview with Mrs India Earth Face Of North India Mridula Oberoi

On what do you spend the most: clothes, accessories, perfumes, or anything else?

This is again an interesting question.

To my believe God has gifted us with this beautiful body..  So taking care of it,  keeping it pampered and maintaining it internally  and externally is our first duty towards ourselves.  Yes I do invest on good clothes accessories, perfumes and all. But before that I invest on my inner beauty. Which is very important to look beautiful out as well.  So I do meditate, spend time with myself, exercise in routine.  When you are peaceful and centered within..  It reflects in your existence  and rest we can decorate and accessories ourselves to add to our beauty to our wish.

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion to me is what you feel comfortable wearing and carrying.  Not what people are wearing and you  follow that trend.

What beauty/fitness regime would you suggest for our readers?

I would just say.   Keep your thoughts pure and keep working on them.  Stay positive in life. Your internal beauty reflects in your personality as I said before also. And Alexis would be very difficult without regular routine workout in life…  It may be yoga, exercise, running whatever way you want.

And very important meditate.  It is a natural medication.

Cleanse in routine.  It will keep your thoughts very pure and clean.

Interview with Mrs India Earth

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You are a mother also so my question is that Babies go through different stages as they develop. Which has been the most challenging so far?

As a mother I would say your child needs you from the day you felt in your womb. So all stages are very crucial and we as mothers need to keep this in our heads.  Our children more than us need our time to talk to them and listen to them.  So whatever stage a child may be at…  We need to communicate with them getting down to their levels and understand our children. Then I think no mother will ever find any stage challenging.

What is your favorite educational toy? What toy or game do you find to be the most educational?

When my son was a year old…  I started giving him bread books..  So he used to do lists of picture reading. That’s till today I feel has really given him the sense of observation. So if a child is observing I think it’s the most beautiful gift one can get…  It pays in longer run in life.

So board books are very useful.  And later as they grow hand on practice is the best way to learn.

What words come to mind when you think back on being a working mom?

Haha..  As my son says Super Active n Multitasking.

Interview with Mrs India Earth

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Cute parenting moment..

There are many but yes my favorite is hugging my son anywhere, anytime.

Anything you’d like to add?

Just be good,  life is beautiful and remember there are no shortcuts to life. 

What message would you like to give to your fans reading this interview?

My message would be “Believe in you, we all have a potential to do anything we want.  It may be difficult but not impossible. Roads to success are really not easy but the destination is very beautiful. ”

Keep learning and keep exploring!!

Interview with Mrs India Earth

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Interview with Mrs India Earth

Interview with Mrs India Earth

Interview with Mrs India Earth

Interview with Mrs India Earth



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