Interview With Mrs India Beauty With Purpose Mansi Karajgaonkar

Here’s a perfect example of how hard work, persistence and determination work in your favor and help you make a mark in the world. Mansi Karajgaonkar’s winner of Mrs. India Beauty with Purpose 2017 has opened the doors for higher avenues; she spoke at length about her dreams, aspirations and happiness mantra. Some excerpts from the interaction.

Hello Mansi how are you doing today?

Hello, Feeling Awesome, Energetic and Positive

Please tell us about yourself.

My pleasure, Thanks for the opportunity to share
I am Mansi Karajgaonkar
Confident, a beauty with purpose,
I am a strong believer of Universe energies, Aura, Vibrations, Frequencies, Karma
I am, a Mother,a Lover & a Nurturer

How did the Mrs. India Beauty with Purpose contest happen? Was it a dream come true?

As a child I always wanted to be a beauty queen
Glamour was always attractive
However got busy with the education, marriage, kids
Then a friend of mine made me register for Diva Mrs Pune Pagent
Then I was the 1st runner up and got the wildcard entry in Archerz Mrs India and I won the title of beauty with Purpose
So yes indeed it’s a dream come true

Mrs India Beauty With Purpose Mansi Karajgaonkar

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What do you think was your prime asset /qualities that helped you win the contest?

I am the Winner of Mrs India Beauty with Purpose. Winning this particular title needs immense urge and involvement to work for social causes , work for the betterment of Society at Large. All beautiful looking people may not have a beautiful heart but all those having a beautiful heart are indeed beautiful.
World needs love and peace .we should be contributing towards giving and emitting love energies

You achieved all this post marriage and children. Do you think it’s time that married Indian women break the stereotype of ‘All is gone after marriage’ and work towards exploring their potential after marriage as well?

Absolutely!!! Human beings have the potential to achieve whatever they think. The task is fixating the goal. Women have immense potential. One should have goals in life. Life is beautiful and one should make most of it.

What made you decide to compete for your title?

To be very honest the thought was to participate and give my best. Positivity and helping the co contestants i.e. helping each other
It’s amazing to grow together and to be a part of somebody else’s transformation is great.

Mrs India Beauty With Purpose Mansi Karajgaonkar

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Who do you plan to inspire and how?

I want to be a role model of beauty with brain with purpose. World needs lot of love and peace.
I want to inspire all the mothers and want to tell them they are not only woman but alpha woman who are super woman and can do it all with the great efficiency

What are some of you achievements?

Planted 1000 Indian Variety Trees in Pune
Was active Participant in planting 7500 Indian Variety Trees
Socialist (Founder of ChangeMakers Welfare Foundation)
Vice Chairman ( Swasti Prathisthan)

Winner of “Woman of Substance Award”

1st Runner up of Diva “Mrs Pune” 2017

Winner of “Mrs Pune Iconic Eyes” 2017

Winner Of “Mrs India Beauty With Purpose” 2017

How does education plays a role in your life?

Education is definitely vital which is of utmost importance. I personally believe that the level of education is directly proportional to the better understanding about oneself and the situation. Also our education may be a source of a greater good for the society and much more.

Mrs India Beauty With Purpose 2017 – Mansi Karajgaonkar

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Mrs India Beauty With Purpose Mansi Karajgaonkar

We want to hear in your own words how did it feel to hear your name as the winner?

Of course it was a dream come true.
Was absolutely mesmerized and felt proud, honored and supported
I could see all the people who supported me my family especially my parents, Husband, Children, my Grandmother, my dear friends, my well wishers, my mentors
And I would like to take this opportunity to show deepest gratitude towards all of them

What does it mean to be a Beauty Queen?

It definitely means a lot. I believe in “No Beauty Shines Without a beautiful Heart”
Beauty Queen means Beauty INSIDE OUT.

Positivity in the Aura,

Purity in the Heart,

Spirituality in the Soul,

Goodness in Deeds and peace in Life.
A real Queen Fixes each other’s crowns. So Being a Beauty Queen is a greater responsibility as one has to be the role model which does deeds for a greater good of all.

What are your plans for 2017?

Social goal- Many positive and great things in process especially regarding Woman Empowerment
Also I want to work towards the Malnutrition in India
I am in process of making a Left over food distribution model to the needy people
Have to do Tree Plantation and conservation of trees Projects

As far as personal goals are concerned I have to make my PhD in Psychology thesis Submission and complete my Fiction Novel and publish it.

Mansi Karajgaonkar

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What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind? 

One has to concentrate on ones Growth and Transformation. One has to remember that there is never late to pursue ones dreams. Trust the Process and believe in your ownself.
Always be positive and believe in what happens happens for good
Givers Gain
Nothing is wasted in this universe
Nothing is lost in this universe it comes back in the different form

Thank you Mansi for this lovely Interview, All the very best for your future.  

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Mrs India Beauty With Purpose Mansi Karajgaonkar

Mrs India Beauty With Purpose Mansi Karajgaonkar

Mrs India Beauty With Purpose Mansi Karajgaonkar

Mrs India Beauty With Purpose Mansi Karajgaonkar

Mrs India Beauty With Purpose Mansi Karajgaonkar


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