Interview with International Model Hala Salem

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Tell me about you..Your place of birth, where u brought up?your family? Schooling?College?

Hala Salem , 27 years old an office manager at a company located in Dubai , born and raised in UAE living in Sharjah with my 7 family members!

Done with my MBA from a branch of Manchester University FZE.

YourFavouritesHala Salem

Actress: Reese Witherspoon / Aishwarya Rai

Actor: George Clooney /Hrithik Roshan

Place: Turkey

Color: Black

Food: Pasta

Attire: Semi Casual

Film: White chicks

Turn on: Crazy activities

Turn offs: Lazy Mornings

What made you first become a model?

My passion for fashion.

Interview with International Model Hala Salem

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How did you feel when you did your first ever fashion show or photo shoot?

I was so excited for that experience, it was minimal but loved it.

Who was your role model as a child and how did that help in being a model?

Naomi Elaine Campbel

What did your parent first think of you being a model and where they supportive?

Mmm ,, they were not believing in this but then when they saw my talent they supported me.

International Model Hala Salem

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If you were not a model, what other profession would you have been doing instead?


What are guilty pleasures foods wise?

Eat as much as you can , maybe you’ll eat this again lol.

Interview with International Model Hala Salem

How do you cope under the pressures of being a model?

Not pressurized much.

Interview with International Model Hala Salem


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What beauty tips do you swear by?

Always smile, you show your beauty.

What is your favorite fashion brand?


Any learning’s you would like to share?

Interview with International Model Hala Salem

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Where can we follow you? 

Instagram, facebook and will have my own webpage soon

What are your future plans?

To be an international inspiring Model

Thanks Hala Salem for this lovely interview

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