Interview with Insta Blogger and Social Media Consultant Aarthi Nair

We talked to Insta blogger and Social Media Consultant Aarthi Nair from Dubai about her hugely successful blog, the lessons she has learnt along the way and what she has planned for the future. We also couldn’t resist asking her about her love for saree. Get ready to be inspired…

Hi Aarthi, we love @sareenotsorry_in_dubai – why did you choose this name?

Thank you, I am glad you liked that name. When I startedsaree-ing, there were lot of opinions and comments on my preference of the six yards over western outfits, but I was truly, not sorry to be in a saree. So that, name struck me to be apt.

Aarthi, will you tell us about yourself?


I am a professional specializing in sponsorship sales, social media strategies, insta blogger, saree enthusiast and also a champion for handlooms…. A sort of Jack of many trades!! I am glad that my passion is also my profession.

How has your blog evolved since you started?

The insta blog started as a way of documenting my sareeing, away from the prying eyes of the “facebookjanta”, but in this journey many followers said they were motivated to wear sarees after seeing my posts. Moreover, I wanted to do my bit by promoting handlooms. Choosing handlooms and styling them differently, so that it can catch the attention of all the potential saree wearers. SoI have steered away from regular random posts. I try and disseminate bits of information on different kinds of weaves.

Interview with Insta Blogger and Social Media Consultant Aarthi Nair

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What is your personal style?

My style keeps changing, in my opinion conforming to norms is boring hence I love experimenting. currently I am quite taken with the Indo-western fusion.

How did you get your start in fashion?

I have always been interested in sensible and practical everyday fashion wear. It has always been a part of me.

Interview with Insta Blogger and Social Media Consultant Aarthi Nair

What’s the best thing about being your own boss?

The flexibility of prioritizing my tasks, choose to work at times or on schedules that is suitable to me, but yet sticking to deadlines. And doing something creative at my own pace are the highs of being my own boss.

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Describe your typical day?

My typical day starts with Instagram – I go through all the new posts on insta, I see the comments on my posts. And then begins my day. I set out for meetings or for social gatherings. I am always looking for content inspiration for my insta blog, or for my clients…which I draw out of my day to day life. Evenings are when I usually sit to write and upload my posts. But of course I don’t have a strict schedule… I maintain fluidity to get the most out of spontaneous situations and experiences.

What advice would you give to a new blogger in terms of growing their followers?

Be spontaneous and flexible, that is the essence of creativity. When we blog, our opinions, interests and or a slice of our life is out in the public view. It is up to us to decide how much of it needs to be revealed.

Where do you see Instagram Blog in five years time?

Social media is evolving…as we literal term, Instagram itself has evolved with so many newer features in the past few months….so in 5 years, it will be so different ….the essence of it will remain but with many more enhanced features.

Interview with Insta Blogger

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Interview with Insta Blogger and Social Media Consultant Aarthi Nair

Blogging is now a highly sought-after career – do girls come to you for advice?

Hahaha not many….

What other bloggers or vloggers do you like?

I like Sareeandstories, all her posts have some story which leaves you thinking. Huda Khattan…love all her posts very aesthetic and appealing.

Aarthi you are a social media consultant so please tell us what role does social media play in your job (or career, if you prefer!)? What role does it play in your personal life?

Social media is my bread and butter!!! IT is my lifeline!! I help businesses grow also through their social media platform- mainly Facebook and Instagram, because the target audience of my clients are mainly on this platform. I chart out their social media strategy, create content and maintain their account. So this an important part of my life

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Any tips for getting followers, gaining authority, and generally being interesting on Instagram?

Consistency, is the key. Content is the next, both written and visual. Reading about the current trends can give us good ideas.

Who or what are your top resources for social media and online marketing information?

Google….anytime… any day, LinkedIn, friends and colleagues from the media industry.

How has Instagram changed Marketing? 

In my opinion, Instagram is one more avenue on Social media which can be added on to any brands existing social media campaign. So this avenue will only increase the effectiveness of the campaign.

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What other Girl Boss inspires you?

Indira Nooyi …she has been my idol forever.

Is there anything else you want to people to know?

Stay true to yourself. Each one has their own identity, that should be maintained and preserved.

Last question! What advice would you give to young women readers of Singonline who want to follow a similar career path as you?

Every coin has two faces…similarly are the reactions and opinions to your posts and blogs. Don’t let those frazzle you. Just as you have an opinion, your followers and readers also have they have their opinion, They may or may not agree with your thoughts. You must learn to respect their opinions and take it in your stride. Criticism, however crude or rude it is, should be taken positively and help you better yourself.

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Thank you so much Aarthi Nair for this lovely interview.

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