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Here at, we want to give everyone a glimpse of all the different types of fitness-focused lifestyles that people are involved in. Today we’re bringing you a little inside information from fitness model Dionne claudette alves, Some excerpts from the interaction.

Could you tell us a bit about yourself and how you started training?

I’m 27 yrs old I own a fashion line for men & women known as Claude & Claudette . I consider myself an all rounder when it comes to anything creative . I started training around 4 yrs ago I was pretty obese 109 kg to be exact . It started when I saw a picture of myself on Facebook & I couldn’t believe that was me . The hardest part was accepting it & when I did everything changed I worked super hard on myself mentally & physically . Over a period of 3 years I dropped 46 kg & ever since I found my passion for fitness I’ve never stopped progressing.

Interview With Fitness Model Dionne Claudette Alves

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How do you stay motivated?

Motivation comes from within . The person you see in the mirror is your competition & your motivation. I always set new goals for myself & I make sure I strive hard to achieve them . If you don’t set goals or have a vision as to where you want to reach you will see no progress.

What is your diet like? 

Diet firstly is eating healthy it’s not about trying to lose weight people should get that right ! My food intake consists of high fiber , high protein & good fats . I make sure I have lots of colorful veggies accompanied by some healthy fats like avocado , nuts etc . I drink lots of water around 5 to 6 liters a day . I also drink fresh organic juices made up of kale , beetroot , carrot , watermelon and so on . As dessert peanut butter or dark chocolate with sea salt satisfy my sweet tooth .

Interview With Fitness Model Dionne Claudette

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Interview With Fitness Model Dionne Claudette Alves

What gives you results to get lean?

To get into any desired shape it starts with what you feed your body. I really feel Interval & high intensity training accompanied by some weight training really leans down ones physique . Get your food intake right & the rest will follow.

What 3 exercises have contributed the most to building your physique?

Squats/dead lifts/push-ups my top 3

What is the most training questions people ask you?

People often ask me “how long did You take to lose the weight” its not about weight it’s about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. People also ask me about posture while doing a squat or dead lift sometimes . Posture is highly important while performing any weighted exercise if ones posture isn’t maintained it can result in injury.

Interview With Fitness Model Dionne

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What is your greatest achievement so far?

Achievements can be in work or with ones personal self . For me with my clothing brand I’ve showcased some of my collections in a couple of known runway shows  & finally finding balance within myself.

What is your favorite quote?

Old time favorite-

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music” by friedrich nietzsche

What are your plans for the future?

Well I think we all have so many plans for the future and those plans also change all the time . Change happens everyday so we never really know how it plays out . I take it as it comes but yes I do have countless plans that I need to achieve.

Interview With Fitness Model Dionne Claudette

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Interview With Fitness Model Dionne Claudette

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Interview With Fitness Model Dionne Claudette

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Interview With Fitness Model Dionne Claudette Alves

bedrock tyres

Interview With Fitness Model Dionne Claudette Alves


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