How To Sell Handmade Gifts By Priyanka

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How To Sell Handmade Gifts By Priyanka

Hello lovelies

I am here writing this blog to share something with you all. That how i started selling handmade gifts

I’ve always loved art and craft but i was really bad at drawing. I couldn’t even draw a straight line😓 Nope, not even by using a ruler. I joined paper mache and pot painting classes but didn’t even try practicing it after that🙎

In my 1st year of college, nope 2nd i guess, i used to make small posters and charts and stick them in my best friend’s room. And she was the only one finding it all very cute. (It was untidy, trust me) I had no plans to start up with selling handmade gifts. She was the only one who supported me through it all, and still keeps telling me to do productive things, instead of wasting time. Oh and i miss her👭oh and she’s an amazing singer. Go check out her videos . Here are the links for her instagram and youtube channel👇🏻

How To Sell Handmade Gifts By Priyanka

Let’s get back to the topic 😂
One day, while ordering handmade gifts from an instagram site for my best friend’s b’day, i knew i could make it if i kept trying, but didnt feel like it because iknew it couldn’t be perfect🙌🏻 Then, i thought why can’t i be like others ? Can’t i do this ? I used to think that seeing my work, no one would buy a thing from me the next time. Then i got to know that the girl whom i ordered gifts from , she too was from ICG. Same batch. Different course. We became friends, Made a deal to start a new account where we’d work on the orders together. Here’s the  link to it 👌🏻
We delayed our 1st order. And it wasn’t up to the was bad. Really bad. Plus we sold it at a loss. We made a few orders but since it wasnt working, we left it. No one uses that account now😬
let me tell you, My friend is wayyyy too good at these things. And i still cant draw a straight line. Even today, my eyes pop out whenever i see a beautiful painting or something creative🤗
She told me to use the ruler, pencil and that the work should be neat. I tried dealing with orders on my own without  anyone’s help☺️
Then , i made a new account on instagram named:
I tried putting ideas, looking  at other’s creations, understanding things, learning tricks and worked really really hard. I’ve sold things at no margin and even at a loss.  And finally i’m here. We’re a family of 4.4k. I still have 1000s of screenshots of creativity and work of those who are better and more experienced  in this field and are earning really well through this. All this inspires me to do well. I’ve learnt so much and i’m still learning. I try making new cards, innovating them, and putting my ideas as well.  Today, where explosion boxes are sold for INR 1000-3000, i give them at min. Possible rate to school children  as i’ve also been at that age and i understand that their budget isn’t much and so i dont charge for my efforts. Just the cost and 50-100 bucks profit that’s it. I still stay awake till 4:30 am just to complete the orders but dont really charge much because i love the fact that i can learn and earn and provide gifts to people and make them feeel special and happy. After all, happy clients are the best.🙂 what’s better than seeing happy faces and knowing that the gifts did the magic. i love is so pure. So fresh. And so adorable in all it forms be it Among elders and youngers, between two partners, between friends or between silblings☺️☺️
Also, we provide you with the best quality 100% cotton tshirts which are super funky and comfortable. We serve what we choose for ourselves. Here we’re attaching a few pictures of tshirts by that we wore. Hope you like the look and how we’ve styled it.

You can also look more pictures on our instagram accounts ☺️

Here are the links:👇🏻

Go check it out☺️🤗

How To Sell Handmade Gifts By Priyanka

How To Sell Handmade Gifts By Priyanka

So, this new year , Let’s  celebrate Love.
We’ll be giving you free tutorials, diys, and other amazing ideas . Not just this, i’ll be providing information about from all the girly stuff , beauty tips, fashion, lifestyle, healthy relationships tips and tricks,etc. Keep reading our blogs. Keep supporting.


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