Enjoy these positions with depforce

The first flush of a new relationship is over? The passion is fizzling out? Honeymoon’s over?

Not yet. Not if you try these amazing sex positions to spice up your life. Try them all and before long, you will rock, with your bed of course.


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Move aside

A sideways approach can be great if you want some spunk in bed. Get your man to lie down with his legs spread out and knees bent while you position yourself in the middle of his legs, turning till you are at a right angle to him.

Supporting yourself by holding his chest and leg, rock back and forth till it feels just right.


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The Squat

He lies down and you lower yourself on him, allowing him to ease into you. Then you either grind your hips or bob up and down. Either way, you are in control and that’s arousing, for you and for him.


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Face to Face

Sit face to face and sit on his lap. Lock your legs behind his waist while he joins his feet, cushioning you. Then you rock back and forth. If both of you want to climax at the same time, this position is a must


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Standing Up

This one can be done on the go. You stand with your face to the wall, with your body around two feet away and your hands out on the wall. Bend a little, sticking your hips out a little. He stands behind you and enters. You can stand still or thrust backwards.


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The Scissors

Lie facing each other and swaddle his hip with your top leg. He holds your hips and draws you close while you put your arm around his waist. You both need to thrust your pelvis a little to penetrate.

From the back

You lie flat on your stomach with a cushion under your pelvis. He lies on top of you and eases into you. It allows for fast motion


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The Manhandle Her

Stand near a wall and get your man to stand behind you. Have him enter from behind, you might want to bend a little to make it easier for him. If you can stand up straight with him still inside, great. If not, remain bent over and have him thrust from behind. He can hold you in the all the right places so you reach orgasm faster


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Edge of Heaven

Your man sits on the edge of the bed with his legs on the floor.  You sit on his lap with your legs on the bed. He has to hold your arms or waist to prevent you from falling over. Now that you are safely anchored, thrust as slow or hard as you want.


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You lie on your side and he enters from behind. Cuddling you intimately.  It allows quite a few tender moments and an amazing orgasm. Added bonus: It is flexible. You can go as fast or slow as you want


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You go down on all fours while your partner kneels behind your hips and enters. The upside is that it gives you really fast motion with your man doing most of the work. The downside is that it is not allow you to kiss or touch each other much


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