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India, without a doubt, has one of the most elaborate and diverse wedding cultures. While someone is tying a pagdi/saafaa on their wedding  day, a Bengali counterpart is doing his last touches with a topor (headgear for Bengali grooms). While a bride is running out of places to done the colour red on her special day, another bride,
in a completely different part of town or in the very next banquet hall/garden, is all dressed in white walking towards the aisle and the next stage of life. Today cultures have become a big source of inspiration to plan weddings. It is not a strange sight to see a Punjabi wedding with a Rajasthani décor or a Malyali wedding
with a Punjabi Sangeet night.

No one wedding is similar nowadays because there are so many culturally themed parties one can have in a matter of 2-3 days. A wedding brigade may run out days to showcase the mood boards they create for the days to come but will they ever run out of ideations……never!


WEDDING CULTURESImage Courtesy – Malabar Gold and Diamonds
WEDDING CULTURESImage Courtesy – Malabar Gold and Diamonds

Wedding Asia is here to help you give an extra flavor when it comes to planning your wedding theme, outfits, décor, jewellery and parties. This blog is here to help you pick the best rituals outfit/décor inspiration and trousseau ideas from various cultures other than yours.

From Punjabi Weddings:

Punjabi weddings have been in the running for one of the most fun ceremonies of all. The glitz echoes from the fashion that both women and men follow, to the décor and functions. Punjabi weddings have in fact become a set wedding theme which definitely turns out to be fun.

What other wedding parties can borrow from this culture is one definitely the theme. You can probably have your sangeet night as a Punjabi night as the poster boy. Have all your close friends and relatives dress up in a Punjabi inspired outfit. It will not be so tough, just got for bright colours or anything with dazzles and diamond studs.

punjabi wedding

You can go the extra mile and have the sangeet performances on hit Punjabi songs, because it will only extra fun and life to the party.

Chique reception décor from Christian weddings:

A concept originated from the west, Reception has become an intimate ceremony for any wedding across all cultures; it is like a party before the wedding fun folds up and bids adieu. A good idea would be to take inspiration from Christian weddings- in terms of décor and fashion. These weddings are full of class, simplicity and out of the box ideas. It is only at a Christian wedding that you 50 shades of white and more.

wedding decorationImage Courtesy – Martha Stewart Weddings

You can plan for a sundowner reception on the next day of the wedding. Usually as ost hindu weddings stretch into the night, the next day can be used for relaxation, finishing up some rasams or just being and letting the fun, frolic and craziness of the past days sink in. And, right before the night breaks, the wedding party can gear up for one last evening of togetherness, fun including and relieving the madness that went on during the days before.

decorations for a wedding reception food table on a budget Best of Ideas For Wedding Reception Frightening Finger Foods Table

You can go for a chique décor for the evening, seen mostly in christian weddings. Keep your outfit simple and let your heavy mehendi do some talking.

Balochari from Bengal, anyone?

We are all familiar with sarees such as Tussar silk, Balochari. It is needless to even say that Bengali sarees, genuinely, have one of the most elaborate designs.

While deciding for your trousseau, do fill up your basket with a few or more sarees from Bengal. These will definitely be one of a kind as not too many know as to how elaborate and designer it can be. As a married lady, you can never have too many sarees and a simple, plain colored blouse works best with it.

Also, do not forget to have way too many Bengali sweets like Rasogulla and sandesh- one of the most adored sweets across India.

bengali weddingImage Courtesy – Shaadi Ka Laddu

Jewellery from Rajasthani weddings

While we just cannot compare jewellery, for all look so beautiful, gorgeous and unique; Rajasthani artifacts have seem to be more popular than most. It may be the rusty look that adds to its charm but it has become a must have item.

As authenticity is in trend and brides and grooms, in fact fashion, is going to the deepest roots possible for novel inspirations, one can opt for neckpieces like Aadh and headpieces like mery.

wedding culturesImage Courtesy – shopzters

If these rajasthani pieces look a little too heavy and you fear clashing of outfits and your jewellery, then brides can go for lighter lehengas and focus on other elements like make-up and heavy pieces of jewellery like aadh and mery.

Weddings have become an even more extravagant affair. And, it is not about how expensive weddings are getting the creativity levels that is rising at each event. India has a myriad of cultures, too many to be precise. If you want your wedding to be different, then utilize the diversity that exists in India. With increasing availability of vendors and their services it has become easy to create and design your wedding at your whims and fancy.


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