Bally Singh Kakar takes on a new challenge

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From London to investing in Yaara Ve, Bally Singh Kakar takes on a new challenge

Recently, a real Estate tycoon in London Bally Singh Kakar decides to venture into Punjabi film industry, with a conscious effort and vision behind the move. He is all set to release his first Punjabi film ‘Yaara Ve’.
Yaara Ve which is all set to hit the Punjabi cinema screens on 5th of April, is a film that’s based on the life of Punjab, when Punjab was untouched by politics. Set in the backdrop of pre-Independence era, it tells the story of three friends belonging to different religions and how their friendship evolves with the announcement and then, repercussions of Indo/Pak partition.

About this, Bally Singh Kakar said, “The main reason that led me to venture into Entertainment industry was that I wanted to tell those stories to my Punjabi friends, which touch me on a personal level and which have something to learn from, for everyone. When Rakesh Mehta narrated the subject of Yaara Ve to me, I immediately said ‘Yes’ as I am a migrant myself.”

With his company called Gordon Bridge Pvt. Ltd., Bally Singh Kakar is doing everything possible to make sure that the film gets made by the best in the industry and who better than Rakesh Mehta as a director, when it comes to telling the intense, close-to-life stories.

“I met Rakesh through mutual friends in London. It was a chance meeting and I am thankful to the Almighty for starting my stint in film business through the right people. Right from casting, shooting and music, the film has been given exactly the treatment that its script demands,” he adds.

Yaara Ve stars Gagan Kokri, Yuvraj Hans, Raghveer Boli and Monica Gill in pivotal roles. The film is written by Rupinder Inderjit and directed by Rakesh Mehta. ‘Yaara Ve’ will hit the theatres on 5th April 2019.


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