A Health Blog By The Glambitious Two

A Health Blog By The Glambitious Two, Hope you had a great weekend partying and having your favorite food. And if that’s the case then our 3rd blog is perfectly timed to flush out all the toxins that must have accumulated inside your body.

So you know how they say that ‘You are what you eat.’ Well however tempting that white sauce pasta or Butter chicken might look to you, it is a fact we can’t deny. Being foodies we won’t ask you to dunk that junk completely because we have a magical potion to your rescue.

We came across this brand TO BE HEALTHY ME through a friend who was working there. The idea of cleansing our body with cold pressed juices seemed appealing to us.

A Health Blog By The Glambitious Two

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As far as health products are concerned, it has not only restricted itself to juices, but also some unique products such as freshly made puddings ,almond milk and also super foods like Brazil nuts and White chea seeds.

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We will be reviewing their 1 day cleanse pack which contained 6 bottles that we ordered (One for both). The packaging was minimal yet impressive.
1. Apple Ginger Ale
2. Vedic Twist
3. Citrus Punch
4. Re-Boot
5. Beet Box
6. Mr. Green
All ranging from 100 to 140 rupees.

A Health Blog By The Glambitious Two

Being selective when it comes to our taste buds, the ingredient composition of the juices did bring second thoughts in our mind. But they were surprisingly tasty. Our favorites would be Citrus Punch & Beet Box. Their delivery is quick and ordering is as simple as ABC. Go check out their website

Summing up our opinion:
Sonakshi-The most difficult part was to stay away from junk food but i felt refreshed after the cleanse.
Gaurika-The best thing was that the cleanse cured my bloating. Also post the cleanse, I actually felt fresh from within.

With the kind of pollution that we face, the oily food that we consume and the products that we use on our skin, our skin definitely screams out for help. And that is when you must try this cleanse.

If in case our blog inspires you to another level you may go ahead and order their 3 day cleanse and probably then you could share your experience with us.

Eat healthy & Stay healthy.
See you next time.

A Health Blog By The Glambitious Two

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A Health Blog By The Glambitious Two


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